SOS: Staff Our Stations

<img src="/sites/default/files/sos_cutout.gif" align="centre" hspace="10" width="420" alt="SOS"><br><br><br><h1>RMT's campaign against London Underground's attempts to de-staff our stations, and to demand adequate staffing in the interests of both workers and passengers.</h1>

Organisational Strategic Plan (OSP) Equality Review

Report to RMT stations representatives from Janine Booth


  • London Underground does not consider the needs of equalities groups when calculating its station staffing levels.
  • LU's methods for collecting information, categorising passenger journeys and assessing data are deeply flawed and fail to account for equality issues.

Assessing Progress in Job Cuts Reviews

Extract from RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We also note that reports have been placed on the file giving updates on the Reviews of the Operational Strategic Plan (OSP) being held under the auspices of ACAS. We believe that, two months after the implementation of the OSP, we now need to assess the progress of these Reviews. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to convene a meeting with our Regional Organiser and our representatives involved in the Reviews as soon as practical, and to place this matter back in front of us following this meeting.

RMT Objects as London Underground Claims Job Cuts Benefit Elderly, Disabled and Other Passengers

As a public body, London Underground has to carry out an assessment of the impact of any new policy on various equality issues. The attached file is LU's Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for its current OSP (policy of cutting 800 mainly-stations jobs). Below is the response to this document that I have written on behalf of RMT. You will see from this that LU's EQIA falls woefully short, and ignores key equality issues.

Petition - SOS: Staff Our Stations

petitionClick '1 attachment' / file name to download a petition against the job cuts. Get your friends, workmates and family to sign it, stand outside your station and collect signatures, knock on doors in your neighbourhood ... and once it is filled in, send it in, print off another one and start all over again!

Send Us a Message of Support - SOS: Staff Our Stations!

London Underground plans to dramatically cut ticket office opening hours and to cut 7-800 station staff jobs. RMT is campaigning against this, and welcomes the support of passengers, fellow trade unionists and others who share our view that Tube stations need more staff not fewer!

Please send us a message of support, using the online form below.

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Model resolution for supporting Trades Council and trade union branches - SOS: Staff Our Stations

RMT faces a vital struggle to stop London Underground's plans to cut 7-800 jobs. We would like the support of the wider trade union movement.

If you are a member of another trade union, or if you are a delegate to a trades council (borough TUC), please consider proposing a resolution on this subject to your next meeting. You may like to base it on the draft below.


Resolution - SOS: Staff Our Stations