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RMT Finsbury Park Branch

Welcome to the RMT Finsbury Park Branch No. 0543

We Welcome and represent all RMT members on the Victoria Line & Piccadilly Line North ( Knightsbridge to Cockfosters). This includes Train Drivers, depot staff,Station and Revenue Control staff in our area.

Additionally we represent most cleaning grades members throughout London Underground.

The branch meets on the first and second Thursday of the month at 4pm very close to Finsbury Park station.
We meet at The Twelve Pins, 263 Seven Sisters road, London N4 2DE. www.twelvepinspub.co.uk/pub.html

Fight the Capitalist Credit Crunch

Are you snowed under with credit card debt and other consumer debt. Well surprise surprise you are not alone in capitalist Britain. For years the banks have thrown these credit card and other consumer loans and mortgages at us and when the going gets tough we all know what the tough do!!!

Why should you be punished when you fail to manage your financial obligations, while banks are bailed out by the UK Government when they fail to manage theirs.

BNP membership List Revealed

Tonights news revealed the entire BNP membership list has been leaked onto the internet !!
A police officer, more than a dozen soldiers, a vicar and a Chelsea pensioner have been named on a list purporting to comprise the entire membership of the British National Party.

They were exposed after bloggers posted around 10,000 names, together with home addresses, home and mobile telephone numbers, email addreses ,jobs and even hobbies on the internet.

The leak led some BNP members to fear that they may lose their jobs or face other reprisals

Nuclear Trains on the Tube

The previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone commisioned a Nuclear Transportation Risk Assesment for London due to concerns about trains carrying nuclear waste through London. This was awarded to Serco Assurance Limited.

Where do these trains travel? Over the Bakerloo Line and the London Overground, on both slow and fast lines. They run through many joint stations including Willesden Junction, Stratford, Highbury and Islington,
Kensington Olympia, West Brompton and the new Shepherds Bush rail Station next to the tube station.

Now can we Nationalise the Railways!

Can you believe it the Evening Standard award winning journalist Andrew Gilligan tonight Writes

" Now is the moment to renationalise the railways and it has never been cheaper or more possible. Rather like the banks, many of the companies which hold Britain's rail franchises will soon become disastrously over-extended. They have contracted to pay massive sums to the Government for the right to operate trains, assuming that passenger numbers would continue to grow strongly and that fares could continue to rise well above inflation.

TfL Pension fund

It is worth re-visiting the current TFL pension funds accounts to familiarise ourselves with where the pension fund invests our pension money. This is obviously a matter to beware of following the collapse of bank and other share on the London Stock Market. The latest accounts are available below.


Other pension fund information and contact details is available at www.tflpensionfund.co.uk.
Should we be seeking re-assurances from the Pension fund Trustees during the global financiaL crisis?

British Transport Police Racism

The BBC Panorama programme entitled The Secret Policeman Returns charted progress at encouraging black and minority ethnic (BME) people into the force since a similar programme exposed racism among police recruits five years ago.

However shocking evidence was revealed into racism in the British Transport Police. The programme highlights an incident that took place two weeks ago in which two Asian British Transport police sergeants found the Ku Klux Klan emblem and other racist graffiti scraped into their lockers at their station in Stockwell, London.

Revenue Control: The Real Strategy

After the recent company letter announcing the axing of multiple Revenue Managers jobs Revenue Control Inspectors ( RCI's) are quite concerned. Three Centurian Managers (BCV,JNP,SSR) were merged into one Revenue Control Manager for the entire London Underground. Sixteen Duty Revenue Control Managers (DRCM's) are currently been reduced to nine to cover the whole network.The admin staff are being reduced to just three. Local staff reps requested Functional Council to obtain some answers.