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Platform July Edition

Hi all heres the late June/EarlyJuly Edition of Platform

This issue sees

  1. a "liberated" Stations Framework article from Gavin Bowtell (Cheers Gavin) Lol
  2. A look at the proposed surplus and loss procedure
  3. An update on cleaning vouchers
  4. Report on victimisations
  • Cheers


  • Issue 16 of Easthammer

    Finally issue 16 of the Easthammer newsletter and one that shouldnt get banned from stations

    RMT Platform May? Erm yeah May

    Here is the May Issue after a few editorial changes (due to outside influences picking on me ;) )

    Station and Revenue Grades Leaflet

    Please print these leaflets and place them in your notice boards - or even better come along; it would be nice to see some new faces.


    RMT Platform April 2011

    So here we have a new edition of the elusive RMT Platform.

    Hoping to get an edition out each month so it is ready for Regional Council and Station & Revenue Grades meetings with specials when needed.

    Money Shortage? Seemingly not?

    As everyone struggles to pay bills and keep a roof over their heads in the current economic climate we get some heartening news.

    Cable car moves closer

    Work will start this summer on a cable car across the Thames helping to boost the on-going regeneration of east London.

    Useful ways to keep members informed

    Hi all

    It was brought to my attention that not everyone’s a geek like me, and some don’t have a clue what a podcast is, where to get one, or how to make one. So for possibly the first time ever, I'm going to do a post that’s going to be a bit educational and maybe prompt someone to do a podcast for their own group or branch.

    So let's look into my ways of keeping members informed (if they listen is another issue altogether).

    Obviously you have the standard newsletter and sending out emails so I won't go into that.


    East Ham Branch Meeting Dates

    Please find below all dates until Dec 2010 for the East Ham Branch Meetings.

    Please note all Meetings are on a Thursday directions at the bottom of the post

    • November 5th
    • December 3rd
    • January 7th
    • February 4th
    • March 4th
    • April 1st
    • May 6th
    • June 3rd
    • July 1st
    • August 5th
    • September 2nd
    • October 7th
    • November 11th
    • December 2nd

      Please note these dates may change but I will keep this updated if the situation arises

    GGC A fair representation of the workers?

    I am thoroughly fed up with the GGC of this Union seemingly ignoring anything that we as members decide upon.

    This time they have ignored our call for a boycott of the AFM machines and all the other suggestions we made at the meeting where the GGC insisted we were released to put our feelings forward as "recommendations to the GGC" time and time again it feels like were not only fighting management but some very odd decision making by the union beaurocrats. No wonder we are losing members hand over fist.

    Rtw interviews

    It's just been brought to my attention that during rtw interviews according to our gsm and a Dsm when we sign the form we do not sign for what the Dsm ticks ie sick sickness explained etc. I just want some clarification on this before I lose it with our waste of space management



    More attacks on Ticket Offices?

    Got sent an email last night by one of our DSM's and wondered how many more people had missed an important line in the following.

    T&R Update 46

    From Sunday 02 January 2011, the refundable deposit on all new Oyster cards will increase from £3.00 to £5.00.

    Have fun ladies and gentlefolk

    Just wanted to wish everyone luck today/tomorrow on the picket lines.
    Hope all goes well and we cripple them yet again.

    Solidarity from EHM

    The case of the Roaming CSA's

    Hi all

    Just a quick one to let you know of something kind of worrying that has started to happen.

    The other day the Early turn SS didnt show up at Cannon St so the station was closed low and behold someone must of realised that its Hendys home station and quickly hunted around for someone to man the station. At approx 06:30 the early turn CSA was sent from East Ham to cover Cannon St.

    Easthammer Issue 9

    Issue 9 of Easthammer just a simple 4 page duplex this time including a brief rundown of the picket lines. Brief advice whilst babysitting and a not so subtle dig at those doing overtime. Plus photos from the picket line as a middle page with messages of support..

    This time with the attachment

    Easthammer Strike Special

    Just a quick newsletter putting out strike dates etc that have been released.

    Can anyone let me know if the strike starting at 21:00 hours is a tools down all out situation or work to end of shift just so I can clarify this with a few people.


    Easthammer 8

    Right Issue 8 (Yeah I know I forgot to upload a few dont blame me I was born stupid)

    Obviously about the job cuts etc etc blah blah with a few other random Rants

    That Podcast I keep Rambling about

    Right those that have seen me in the last few weeks would of heard me mumblng about starting a podcast. Well in all reality the first episode has been around since just after the election but I have been waiting for Itunes to give me the feed ID: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/easthammer/id374217664

    Easthammer 6

    Easthammer 6 is now out a totally different format because I was bored and decided to make it into a 4 page booklet when printed. I would still like input from other Reps in the Branch as I only know whats going on at my group. This is now an 8 page version although it may go back to four for other editions but I thought I would include a Centre fold poster (No not that kind)

    Easthammer Issue 5

    Issue 5 Of the Easthammer Newsletter yes I know I only just sent out Issue 4 but I have a lot on my mind



    Stop The BNP meeting

    On April 11th in association with the East Ham Branch a meeting is being held at the Barking Theater at 18:30. I urge all reps and Activists to come and show your support for this cause.

    Bob Crow will be speaking on this issue at the meeting.

    If you work on the East Ham Group itself then the idea of Nick Griffin getting voted in must send shivers down your spine. Imagine daily marches by neo nazi thugs harrassing both staff and passengers and the council itself approving them. This is what we have to look forward to if we dont make a stand.