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Jobs Disappearing Through the Back Door!

Your RMT Reps have received information that shows London Underground (LUL) cutting jobs through the back door. The RMT has called for an emergency meeting with LUL management to explain what they are doing and await their reply to our request.

Brand new rep on the group

Following an amazing turnout for the voting at the last Branch our new rep on the group is CSA Andy Bone you can contact him on 07866-685930. I hope you will all give Andy your full support in his new role

Jerome Bowes

Update on Jerome, his Employment tribunal has been postponed for 2 months. We are having a collection for him on the group and if you wish to contribute please contact SS Sandiford or SS Murphy at Elephant and Castle for more details.

Continuing the fight for Brother Bowes

Whist the Union looks to ballot Drivers, Station staff on the Charing cross group carried out another 24 hours of industrial action in support of Jerome Bowes.

Strike day 1 and our brothers assaulted

Only three non-members came into work on Sunday/Monday causing the Management to cover stations with th RCi's, DSM's and office staff which showed great support for our sacked colleague Jerome Bowes.

Bowes ballot!

The result of the ballot is in with a 90 percent yes vote returned, the papers returned were 40 with 36 yes and 4 no's. We will be discussing possible dates for action with our members and reps so watch this space for more information.

To read the background to the strike ballot, click here.

CSAs moved groups: utter disgrace!

Three CSAs off our group were disgracefully displaced to Waterloo last week by Resourcing who stated that the CSAs were 'over establishment' at Charing Cross and due to the fact a dubious letter saying they may be moved had been signed when they all first joined the job. Management think that they have the right to just move staff on as they feel like it with no concern to the correct proceedure within Transfer and Promotions.

Poor performance wins again!

After Resourcing's latest fiasco with regards to the three CSAs being told that they are moving to Waterloo, we brought the matter before the stations and revenue functional council today.

Charing Cross group

Welcome to the new RMT LUL stations and revenue website. I'm Malcolm Taylor the local RMT Rep for the Charing Group and any issues concerning our group will be posted on this site. I will endeavour to keep it up to date and please feel free to add your comments and join in the discussions on-line. You can call me on 07748933241 for any queries surrounding industrial matters.