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Update on Wood Lane Rosters

At recent Health and Safety trials at Wood Lane station it took 22 minutes to evacuate a grand total of 40 people!
Up until recently management were point blank refusing to even allow a referral from the Paddington group up to the Stations and Revenue Functional Council.

Following extensive efforts by Level/Tier 1 Reps,Stations Functional and Safety Council reps, management now appear to be willing to listen to our concerns about lack of staff and unacceptable rosters.

Time for Action

Wood Lane Rosters - Brand new station, same old problem!

Apologies for using managements latest catchphrases for Corporate brainwashing in the title.

Station staff on the Paddington group are up in arms over managements attempt to impose a roster for the new station on the H&C, Wood Lane. The roster does not provide adequate staff and will also mean station staff rostered at Edgware road will now have to work at 2 stations as part of their rostered duties.

RMT Cleaners 24 hr strike solid

As we are all aware our cleaner grade members had a 24 hr strike from 1850 on Thursday 26th June. Firstly I would like to congratulate our brothers and sisters who took part despite unprecedented threats and intimidation from the cleaning companies management and in spite of the poisonous lies spread by the T&G.

Cleaners Ballot Result

RMT cleaners have voted for strike action 99% in favour with a turnout of over 40%.
This is an overwhelming call for industrial action and we should do everything we can to support our brothers and sisters in their struggle for dignity and decent pay and conditions.

A 24 hour strike will commence with the night shift on Thursday 26th June and a 48 hour strike will commence on the night shift Tuesday 1st July.

LT Region Solidarity meeting on Tuesday 24th June at 1500 in Unity House.

Victoria Group News

Hello everyone, I'm John Kelly and I am the local Industrial Rep for the Victoria Group and on the Stations and Revenue Functional Council. I would like to welcome everyone to the new RMT Platform website.

As you can see it’s a great resource and will make our union more accessible to our members in the workplace. The website will be a great source of information and will hopefully generate debate and discussion amongst our grassroots membership.