Displaced Part-Time Staff and the Part-time workers (prevention of less favourable treatment) Regulations 2000

Part Time Employees Being Treated Less Favourably

Below is a template of what you should advise a member to do if they are part time and they believe that they have been less favourably treated than a full time colleague, this template has been sent out to all reps by email.

More attacks on Ticket Offices?

Got sent an email last night by one of our DSM's and wondered how many more people had missed an important line in the following.

T&R Update 46

From Sunday 02 January 2011, the refundable deposit on all new Oyster cards will increase from £3.00 to £5.00.

OSP Safety Review - Important Notice for all T1 Stations Safety Reps

Safety Review of OSP Rosters

After talks at ACAS on Friday 17Th December, Attended by myself and Pat O'Brien we have an agreement on the basic way forward for looking at the safety issues with the proposed new rosters under the OSP.

Looking after someone: a guide to carers’ rights and benefits 2010/11

So you’re a carer?

Like most carers you’ve probably answered ‘no’ to that question. That’s one of the things about being a ‘carer’ - you don’t really see yourself as one! Most of us just think of ourselves as a mum or dad, a son or daughter, a husband, wife, partner or friend. And yet the experience of looking after a family member, partner or friend is very common.

hello from john reid

John Reid
I am John Reid from the Edgware Group, i have recently been elected to Functional Council.

Management's Response and our Failure to Agree: Job Cuts and Roster 2010

Dear Colleagues you may remember the details of our collective grievance from back in August 2010 if not you can find them by following this link:
The GSM has now provided a response which I have repudiated today. Please take a look. It’s six pages long, but it will give you a clear idea of what I’ve been up to in level 1 meetings.

Another Complaint about BBC's coverage of Tube strike

Having initially complained to Ofcom and discovered that they don't deal with complaints about the BBC, I have (again) complained to the BBC itself about its inaccurate. Here's my complaint.

Today, the BBC has repeatedly referred to the Tube strike being about 800 job losses 'in ticket offices'. This is inaccurate.

Level 1 Minutes 19th of October 2010

Please find the attached minutes of the latest Level 1 Meeting.

President of the London Transport Region hot off the Evening Standard Press

TfL claim that only the delays on the Metropolitan Line this week were caused by the RMT's overtime ban, imposed in protest at massive job cuts.

Complaint about strike coverage: BBC replies

You may remember that I complained to the BBC about their reporting of our strikes, where they continually referred to "800 job cuts in ticket offices", when in fact many of the job cuts are among CSAs, who work around the stations, not in the ticket offices. You can read my complaint here.

The BBC has responded. The response is pretty woeful - you can read both it, and my response to it, below.


Dear Ms Booth

Reference CAS-335979

Thank you for your e-mail regarding coverage of the London Underground strike.

Complaint against BBC: Job Cuts are not just in Ticket Offices

I have today submitted the following complaint to BBC News ...

Today, the BBC has continually referred to the Tube strike being about 800 job losses "in ticket offices". This is inaccurate.

Have fun ladies and gentlefolk

Just wanted to wish everyone luck today/tomorrow on the picket lines.
Hope all goes well and we cripple them yet again.

Solidarity from EHM

Management under pressure with a Higher Grade Working Ban.

Dear Colleagues


The case of the Roaming CSA's

Hi all

Just a quick one to let you know of something kind of worrying that has started to happen.

The other day the Early turn SS didnt show up at Cannon St so the station was closed low and behold someone must of realised that its Hendys home station and quickly hunted around for someone to man the station. At approx 06:30 the early turn CSA was sent from East Ham to cover Cannon St.

Easthammer Issue 9

Issue 9 of Easthammer just a simple 4 page duplex this time including a brief rundown of the picket lines. Brief advice whilst babysitting and a not so subtle dig at those doing overtime. Plus photos from the picket line as a middle page with messages of support..

This time with the attachment

Overtime Ban Liverpool Street Group

Dear Colleagues,

Sudden Impact

SIGNAL: newsletter for the Liverpool Street Group

Please find the newsletter attached

Collective grievance King's Cross

Collective grievance from King's Cross

Our fundamental objections are to:
Loss of 12 f/t CSA posts, two p/t CSA posts, two CCA posts and seven rostered SAMF posts, with a consequent reduction of reserve SAMF posts.

Strike Leaflet with dates and times

Dear Colleagues,

The votes have been cast in favour of strike action and action short of strike. We have voted to take action and now is the time to act.
Do not book on for any duty beginning between:
21.00 hours  on Monday 6th September until 20.59 hours  on Tuesday 7th September.
Nor from 21.00 hours on Sunday 3rd October  until 20.59 hours  on Monday 4th October.