Article against Job Cuts

I have written this article for my local anti-cuts campaign newsletter in Hackney ...

We may not have London Underground here in Hackney (except at our very edges!), but the loss of 800 Tube staff posts would still affect us - in a very bad way. So, many Hackney residents and workers fully support Tube unions RMT and TSSA in their campaigning and industrial action against these cuts.

Easthammer Strike Special

Just a quick newsletter putting out strike dates etc that have been released.

Can anyone let me know if the strike starting at 21:00 hours is a tools down all out situation or work to end of shift just so I can clarify this with a few people.


Defending our jobs now is to everyone’s benefit in the future

In a democratic and civilised society the right to strike is second only to the right to vote.

Nevertheless many members of the public and of the political establishment abhor this fundamental right.

For the Record: Liverpool Street Group Newsletter Ballot & Job Cuts

Dear Colleague the latest newsletter for the Liverpool Street Group is attached.

Collective Grievance for Liverpool Street Group

Our fundamental objections are to:

1 full time SAMF to go!
SAMFs no longer a 0700-1100 duty, it is no 0615-1400 with a 0515 start on some Thursdays.

1 full time CSA to go!
reduction in weekends for CSAs
2 duties to cover at Liverpool Street station – which may be seen as a further dilution of rostered status.
1 full time CSA job to go
Fewer weekends off

Easthammer 8

Right Issue 8 (Yeah I know I forgot to upload a few dont blame me I was born stupid)

Obviously about the job cuts etc etc blah blah with a few other random Rants

Criticism of the Proposed Ticket office Roster for Liverpool Street Station

One of the SAMFs at Liverpool Street Station and a recent recruit to the RMT Union supplied me with some excellent criticism of the proposed job cuts and roster, he wrote:

For the Record Job Cuts Special Edition

The special edition of For The Record list job cuts.

Could LU become a "Mugger's Paradise"? Mugging is just for starters.

We who work on London Underground know just how finely a line is daily trod between organised chaos and unbridled chaos in the functioning of the transport system.

We know of the potential dangers to which passengers are exposed daily in their use of the escalators and lifts, the platforms and stairwells.

We know also of the dangers that go unseen but which are still very real such as fires, the dangers which but for us and our vigilance might go unnoticed - I'm thinking here of the fraudsters who clone credit cards at POMs, and terrorism.

Stations & Revenue Grades Committee 2nd of June 2010


 Minutes
 Matters Arising
 Stations & Revenue Report
 Staff Our Stations Campaign: Ballot
 Recruitment and retention
 Local Reports
 Health & Safety Report
 Any other business

Are LDIs Prejudged?

Dear Colleagues,

Recently I have represented members at two LDIs both were for breaches of the AAW Policy.

Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council Report May 2010

1/ Fatigue Study.

This was commissioned by LUL after request by the ORR (Office of the Rail Regulator). This is going to be looking at getting better rosters to stop fatigue and the ill health effects of fatigue, and this will be ongoing throughout the company.

2/ Change Assurance Plans

Updated Contact List for Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council


07872 465 690

07753 878 942

07753 979 637

07715 324 107

07528 526 378

07733 344 491

07764 390 792

07753 898 077

The abuse of personal contact details

It seems to be a never ending complaint that LUL managers harass and invade the privacy of our members and cause alarm and distress to them and their next of kin by making unsolicited calls whilst our members are off sick – even to the point of abusing the emergency contact details that are provided.

That Podcast I keep Rambling about

Right those that have seen me in the last few weeks would of heard me mumblng about starting a podcast. Well in all reality the first episode has been around since just after the election but I have been waiting for Itunes to give me the feed ID:

Minutes: Stations and Revenue Grades Committee 5th May 2010

• Minutes from previous meeting 7th April 2010
• Staff Our Stations Campaign
• Recruitment and retention Plan
• Local Reports,
• Stations & Revenue Council Reports,
• Stations and Revenue H&S Reports.

Ticketing and Technology

I have written the following article for 'Solidarity' newspaper ...

One of London Underground's pretexts for cutting jobs and slashing ticket office opening times is that new technology, in the form of the 'Oyster' smartcard ticketing system, has significantly reduced purchases at ticket office windows. There are several reasons why this 'reason' is disingenuous:

Easthammer 6

Easthammer 6 is now out a totally different format because I was bored and decided to make it into a 4 page booklet when printed. I would still like input from other Reps in the Branch as I only know whats going on at my group. This is now an 8 page version although it may go back to four for other editions but I thought I would include a Centre fold poster (No not that kind)

For the Record April 2010 the newsletter for the Liverpool Street group.

The attached is the April edition of For the Record which this month contains:

• News about the job cuts
• Information on activities by the union to prevent the job cuts
• Roster issues for Farringdon, Liverpool Street and SCRA’s
• Long-weekend for reserves under-threat.
• Mystery shoppers and other news & information.