Speaking Out Against Station Job Cuts

This is the speech I made to RMT's public meeting against job cuts on 31 March ...

I work as a Station Supervisor at Bank.

London Underground wants to cut hundreds of SAMF and CSA jobs. At my station, these grades work very hard in difficult conditions.

They are the people who:

  • evacuate the station in emergencies
  • answer questions and give information all day

Stations and Revenue Grades Committee Minutes from 7th April 2010


  1.  Minutes from previous meeting 3rd March 2010
  2.  Standing Orders
  3.  Election of third contact for Staff our Stations Campaign
  4.  Membership lists (change to agenda agreed by members present)
  5.  Recruitment and retention Plan
  6.  Standing Items: Stations & Revenue Council Report, Local Reports, Stations and Revenue H&SReport.

    FREE: Legal advice on criminal matters.

    Free legal advice on criminal matters from Thompson's Solicitors

    please find the attached poster for display in all staff areas.

    Easthammer Issue 5

    Issue 5 Of the Easthammer Newsletter yes I know I only just sent out Issue 4 but I have a lot on my mind



    Agenda: Station and Revenue Grades Committee 7th April 2010

    Brothers and SIsters
    The next meeting will be convened at 15:00hrs on Wednesday 7th of April.

    All grades of station and revenue staff are invited and encouraged to come along to discuss and vote on the following:

    1 Standing Orders:
    1. Quorum:
    that unless otherwise decided, all meetings shall begin at 15:00 and end at 16:45.
    Five members shall form a quorum.

    Stop The BNP meeting

    On April 11th in association with the East Ham Branch a meeting is being held at the Barking Theater at 18:30. I urge all reps and Activists to come and show your support for this cause.

    Bob Crow will be speaking on this issue at the meeting.

    If you work on the East Ham Group itself then the idea of Nick Griffin getting voted in must send shivers down your spine. Imagine daily marches by neo nazi thugs harrassing both staff and passengers and the council itself approving them. This is what we have to look forward to if we dont make a stand.

    Easthammer Issue 4

    New Issue of Easthammer Uploaded things have been relatively quiet down this neck of the woods then along comes an announcement and I have enough to fill two sides.

    Among the issues are :
    £5 minimum Top Up
    TSSA Agreeing to stick by RMT (Just a rumour I heard on the news)????
    Staff Our Stations
    BNP Court Ruling
    and a few random bits and pieces

    Please distribute across your groups

    I have sent Approx 30 to Reps at Tower Hill and Embankment

    Together we can fight this


    Does the Economic Crisis Mean that London Underground "Has To" Cut Our Jobs?

    London Underground tells us that it "has to" cut stations jobs because of the economic crisis. But a look at London Underground's history shows that this is not just untrue - it is the opposite of the truth.

    Stop The Job Slaughter

    Stop The Job Slaughter

    So… let’s get it right from the start: the banks have screwed up; the bankers have screwed up; PPP has been a massive failure; Metronet has gone bankrupt; Tubelines is about to go bust too. Oh, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have drained billions that could have been spent on health, education and, er… public transport. But, but, but…it’s Tube workers who are expected to pay. They want to sack us to pay for their mess.

    Minutes: Station and Revenue Grades Committee 3 March 2010

     Election of secretary
     Election of three 3 local reps to acts as points of contact for Staff our Station campaign
     Staff our Stations Campaign
     Minimum Oyster top-up
     Recruitment and retention
     Any other Business

    Emergency Level 1 Called for Thursday 4Th March

    We have had enough of the abuse of Staff on our group with duties for Reserves having Duties changed by as much as 12 hours with 24 hours notice and Rostered Staff being moved to cover A/L and Vacancies so we have called an Emergency Level 1 for Thursday..

    For the Record February 2010

    Please find the attached February newsletter

    World Class Customer Service suggestion.. Walk Home

    I recieved this email and it just made me think of how little the bosses actually think of the customers. Couldnt really think of any tags for it to go under

    LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union has demanded an explanation from Tube bosses after a signal failure at Farringdon last night left passengers stranded without advice or help to finish their journeys.

    Easthammer Issue 3 & Anti BNP Rally

    Anti-Fascist SymbolThe third Issue of the Easthammer newsletter is now uploaded to the web with a copy here as well please distribute it as widely across the group/Branch as possible.

    £5 MIN TOP- up-assaults on the increase

    Since the introduction of the £5 Min-top, there have been reports of staff being verbally assaulted because they are having to turn people away from windows because they didnt want to top up a £5 or more. One witnessed by myself was a SAMF who had nobody waiting, sending an woman to the machine that had 3 people waiting-cue mutterings of extreme discontent and foul language.

    Issues with Nosing stones on Platforms

    There have been several reports of nosing stones on edge of platforms becoming very unstable, and the concrete under them becoming very slushy in this cold weather. I have asked all Local H+S reps to investigate this. Please see attachment for more info.

    EastHammer January 2010

    I am going to start uploading the Easthammer newsletter onto this site as well as Easthammer but a few changes will be made to how they are done

    Fiver Leaflet

    Today I received a new leaflet from Steve Headley of which I have printed out around a 1000 of I will be handing these out on the trains on the way to work and slipping them inside of copies of the metro as and when i get a chance.

    For The Record January 2010 Liverpool Street Newsletter

    Dear Colleague,
    Please find the attached newsletter For The Record for the RMT members of Liverpool Street Group.

    You will notice that there are a number of underlined words and phrases. If you click on there you will be forwarded to a webpage relating to the something in the newsletter (if you are connected to the net that it. Some will open up an email window.

    Please pass it on to any members of staff you know who are RMT member, but do not use TfL email addresses. A limited number of printed copies will be available.

    PPP Arbiter: Worrying Issues for Station Staff

    Over on the RMT London Calling website, I have posted a detailed guide to the directions and guidance recently published by the PPP Arbiter. This is an important document, which may turn out to be a staging post in the collapse of Tube Lines and – following 2007’s similar collapse of Metronet – of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) itself.

    Click the link to read the guide in full, or click 'read more' below to read extracts of particular concerns to station staff.