Circular IR/398/09 23rd December Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service.

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the attached Circular from the General Secretary:

Circular IR/398/09 23rd December Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service.

Kind regards & best wishes for the New Year


Implementation of 2009 pay increase

Dear Colleagues,

Most of you will have seen the internal communication from LUL regarding the pay deal, according to which operational staff can expect to be paid in late February.

I've attached the internal communiqué.

Kindest regards


Pay Deal - A Rant

After a long drawn out fight and lots of "vote yes" "this paydeal is unacceptable" comments the EC have decided that the paydeal is acceptable and that were going to concentrate on the job cuts. Yes we must fight the job cuts but now we have put ourselves in the position of looking as bad as Scablef who done exactly the same.

Medication Proof Requests

Just a quick one today to let you know of the only real issue on the group this week.

This being management asking to see proof of medication ie a photocopy of the medications box showing dosage name drs details etc. It was agreed in the recent level 1 meeting that it is acceptable for management to request to see this information. It was also confirmed this was not as management were trying to tell staff "Company Policy" and when asked for this policy then being told "LUOH/District line policy" and then admitting it is ot a policy at all


The Rick Grogan Story

This is the Article that has just been sent out as a Special DEC 2009 East Hammer

Rick Grogan Special

As Rick has decided to take a back seat from Easthammer a few of us decided it was fitting we done a tribute for all his hard work over the years so here goes. For the rare few who dont know Rick he is one of the Rostered S/S at Upminster Bridge a few more details about his background below.

144 Ticket offices to go. Evening Standard 8th December. Boris' Xmas present to you

Dear Colleague,

The plan is to close them all after the Olympics.

Print out or email the attached pdf to all your friends who work in tickets offices, who hope to work in ticket offices or who work on stations or train side and point out to them that the first to be seen to respond to this by the Evening Standard is the RMT Union, send it especially to those not in the RMT.

Fact-finding interviews. Representation denied.

Dear Colleagues,

I am hearing more and more reports of members being called to attend fact-finding interviews whilst being denied RMT representation.

I have recently been given a document which comes with a message from the General Secretary on one side, and a proforma on the other. I have copied the proforma into a word document and attached it below. As soon as I am able I shall attach a pdf document with this blog entry. Please find the attached word document, and use it whenever necessary.

the document reads:

Freedom of information

Have you ever wondered what information LU holds about you? Have you ever thought it might be incorrect?

Did you know that under section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to see and have your own copies of information that is about you or which refers to you;things like you references, job applications, notes kept during recruitment interviews, or sickness and attendance records?

Requesting information.

Hello from your health & safety Rep Gary Mottram

Hello to you all to you all just write to say that I have now started using this web site to communicate what issues I am currently dealing with as your Health & Safety Rep.

The next Health & Safety level one is Thursday 30th October. This is a meeting were the GSM & Health & Safety reps discuss any Health & Safety issues occurring on the group.

Oxford Circus Group Level 1 meeting 05/11/09

The next level1 meeting for the Oxford Circus is on 05/11/09.
If any member has any issues they want me to raise please email me.

One of issues I will be raising again is the 28 day rule from the AAW(Attendance at Work policy).

Things can only get better?????

A year on and have things improved at all on the Marylebone group....a shuffle in the management and where did it lead us? The whole group was optimistic with cries of it can't get any worse surely? who were we kidding! A new GSM and what did they actually improve...nothing!

new webpage flyer

The new enlarged Liverpool Street Group has its own webpage on this site.

Print out the attachment below and display in staff area in your stations to promote awareness of the webiste and the benefits of using it.

For the Record October edition

This is the latest newsletter from the desk of the Liverpool Street RMT industrial rep - in a new format!
Please print off copies an display around stations, or email (using the facility below) to your colleagues.
The minutes from the lastest Level 1 meeting are also attached.

For the Record July edition. Rosters & wheelchairs.

During the course of a week thousands upon thousands of people pass through our stations, each with a their own concerns, aspirations and limitations, and most of the time these have absolutely nothing to do with us. This newsletter contains an article about a lady travelling London in her wheelchair and the difficulties that she and CSA's encountered at Liverpool Street.

New Rep's First Newsletter

King’s Cross Goes It Alone
Barbican and Farringdon join the Liverpool Street Group.
Were you kept informed?
Despite the rumours that have circulated that I had discussed the transfer of staff and two stations - namely Barbican and Farringdon to the Liverpool Street group, nothing could be further from the truth.

A new CSA roster for Liverpool Street Station

Thursday 28th of May 2009 – Thursday 18th of June 2009

A New Roster.

A new roster was proposed by BNS as part of a SATS review to better meet the business needs of both Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations. An integral part of this roster is the addition of 4 weeks with a concomitant increase in staff at Liverpool Street; because BNS do not require SATS over the weekend and arranged its schematics to fit business needs the additional four weeks were to be worked Monday through to Friday with no additional weekend shifts.

Non Filling of Vacancies

Hi to East Ham group staff -

At the present time you will no doubt be aware of uncovered vacancies at your local stations. I feel we need to look into this issue for the following reasons.

  1. No forward movement for people waiting for positions
  2. Stations being babysat by CSA's

Driving Customers away from Euston Ticket Office

On 31st August, the minimum £5 Oyster top up trial came to Euston.

Local unions reps and staff were not warned. This is a new practice on the group and we should have been consulted. Your RMT rep has objected to this, but still the trial goes ahead.

Both RMT and TSSA strongly oppose this scheme.

Conference contribution: Stop Ticket Office Cuts and Closures

These are my notes for a speech I made at RMT's AGM in support of a resolution calling on the union to run a national campaign against ticket office cuts and closures. The resolution was passed unanimously.