What no canteen???

The redevelopment of King's Cross station continues apace - and LUL doesn't want to be troubled by little matters like the needs of staff.

Circle management say there are too few staff at the station to warrant us having canteen facilites. King's Cross currently has 176 staff - at the one location. The Group, (KX & Farringdon & Barbican), has 211.

Stations & Revenue Grades Meeting 24 March 2009: Minutes

Meeting Secretary: Brian Haughian 07949 163 470
Meeting Chair: Malcolm Taylor 07748 933 241

16:00hrs, Unity house, 39 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD
Nearest tube: Euston or Kings Cross

Attendance: Members from Gloucester Road, Buckhurst Hill, Heathrow, Charing Cross, Goodge Street and Bank Groups were in attendance.

Apologies: Brenda S, Neil C, McKenna M.

1. Ticket Office:

Willesden Green staff vote yes for Industrial action

Congratulations to station staff at Willesden Green who have voted yes for strike action and action short of a strike by a margin of 3 :1 with a turn out in excess of 50%.The dispute centres around a breakdown of industrial relations resulting from management ignoring Discipline and Attendance procedures and bullying our members.

Next Station & Revenue Grades Meeting, 24 March 2009

The next SRGM will be held in Unity House on Tuesday 24th March 2009 at 16:00hrs.

At the meeting we will be giving special time over to discuss the current dispute and how we should organise.

We need to hear how support for a yes vote in the ballot is in your area and if needed how we can support you. Come along share your ideas and views so that we can build this campaign together.

accident at work

Is there a New Policy covering Accident At Workplace? During my last LDI a local DSM tried to talk me into a new company policy on Accident At Work.I arguged against it and made sure that Warning was not issued to our member.But I like to know if there is or will be a New policy.

Minutes: Station & Revenue Grades Meeting, 24 February 2009

Meeting Secretary: Brian Haughian 07949 163 470

Apologies: Alfie Jackson – John Kelly – Tony Gandolfi – Geoff Palmer – Brenda Sutton

Ticket Office Review Group: As requested from the previous meeting the secretary sent a letter to the Regional Organiser asking about the status of this group. A reply has not been received yet – will be chased up for next meeting.

Look Back in Anger

22 years ago I joined an underground very different from the one we have today. Some changes have been good, some bad. Through all these changes one theme has remained constant.
“It’s the rich wot takes the pleasure and the poor wot takes the blame”
The job then was run by the Station Mangers most of these were West Indian or Caribbean men who came to Britain in 50s and 60s with promises of gold to find that the only work was poorly paid and the accommodation usually had signs saying “ No Blacks no Irish” outside.

RMT Finsbury Park Branch

Welcome to the RMT Finsbury Park Branch No. 0543

We Welcome and represent all RMT members on the Victoria Line & Piccadilly Line North ( Knightsbridge to Cockfosters). This includes Train Drivers, depot staff,Station and Revenue Control staff in our area.

Additionally we represent most cleaning grades members throughout London Underground.

The branch meets on the first and second Thursday of the month at 4pm very close to Finsbury Park station.
We meet at The Twelve Pins, 263 Seven Sisters road, London N4 2DE.

£5 Minimum top up

Are they having a laugh? Management have told us that they are going ahead with a trial in which they will put up posters telling customers that they cannot top up at the window if it is less than £5. We gave lots of reasons why this would not work including the fact that it completely goes against their so called ethos of customer care. Apparently we will be told to ask the customer who has already queued up at the window to put £3 on his oyster to go and queue up at the machine ( can you hear the abuse already)

Fight the Capitalist Credit Crunch

Are you snowed under with credit card debt and other consumer debt. Well surprise surprise you are not alone in capitalist Britain. For years the banks have thrown these credit card and other consumer loans and mortgages at us and when the going gets tough we all know what the tough do!!!

Why should you be punished when you fail to manage your financial obligations, while banks are bailed out by the UK Government when they fail to manage theirs.

Station & Revenue Grades Meeting

The next SRGM will take place on Tuesday 25th November at 16:00hrs in the downstairs meeting room at Unity House (RMT Head Office), 39 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD (nearest tube: Euston or Kings Cross).

If you have any items that you wish to be put on the agenda then click on 'add new comment' below (you will have to be logged in to see this).

All Station & Revenue members are welcome. For more details contact Brian Haughian (meeting secretary) on 07949 163 470.