Bank Escalator Replacement Works

Below is an email that I posted to management across the combine so that they could try and understand the severe issues that are ongoing at Bank due to escalator refurbishment. There are currently a range of issues that are affecting the smooth running of the station. The main concern is staffing levels and the idea by management that SRT staff can fulfill the role of rostered/reserve staff. As yet I have not received any feedback from any manager from DSM/GSM level up to Howard Collins, although I am told the content of the email has been discussed behind closed doors.

BNP membership List Revealed

Tonights news revealed the entire BNP membership list has been leaked onto the internet !!
A police officer, more than a dozen soldiers, a vicar and a Chelsea pensioner have been named on a list purporting to comprise the entire membership of the British National Party.

They were exposed after bloggers posted around 10,000 names, together with home addresses, home and mobile telephone numbers, email addreses ,jobs and even hobbies on the internet.

The leak led some BNP members to fear that they may lose their jobs or face other reprisals

Station & Revenue Grades Meeting, 28/10/08 - minutes

Meeting Secretary: Brian Haughian 07949 163 470

Attendance: Gloucester Road, Edgware, Goodge St, Camden, Charing Cross, Willesden, Harrow on the Hill groups and BCV Revenue Control.

1. SRT Reps: After a report from Stations & Revenue Functional Council its was felt that managements insistance that Reps could only be recognised on the SRT if Reps in Revenue Control were reduced was unacceptable. Member numbers on Revenue Control had not been reduced but as in other grades was on the increase and therefore more reps were needed for all grades.

Nuclear Trains on the Tube

The previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone commisioned a Nuclear Transportation Risk Assesment for London due to concerns about trains carrying nuclear waste through London. This was awarded to Serco Assurance Limited.

Where do these trains travel? Over the Bakerloo Line and the London Overground, on both slow and fast lines. They run through many joint stations including Willesden Junction, Stratford, Highbury and Islington,
Kensington Olympia, West Brompton and the new Shepherds Bush rail Station next to the tube station.

Support an all out Strike Ballot

The management on the East Ham Group have not disapointed us. I said in my last posting that we needed to stay on our toes as they were likely to revert to type. It has happened already.
We have had managers scurrying around the group since our strike, asking members what Union they are in. Mainly they were told to sod off and mind their own bussiness. Now staff are being sent to LDI for taking legal strike action. Enough is enough! It is time to stand up to this constant bullying with an all out strike.

Now can we Nationalise the Railways!

Can you believe it the Evening Standard award winning journalist Andrew Gilligan tonight Writes

" Now is the moment to renationalise the railways and it has never been cheaper or more possible. Rather like the banks, many of the companies which hold Britain's rail franchises will soon become disastrously over-extended. They have contracted to pay massive sums to the Government for the right to operate trains, assuming that passenger numbers would continue to grow strongly and that fares could continue to rise well above inflation.

Ticket office discrepancy

Ticket Office Discrepancies
last week a samf entered her monies(denominations and quantity) via the TOM to create a float bag for the next day, the total came to lets say £570
The next morning the same float bag is opened and witnessed and the early morning samf enters the exact same monies(denominations and quantity) into the TOM and the TOM adds it up to a different total of lets say £580
a £10 TOM generated discrepancy was created.

TfL Pension fund

It is worth re-visiting the current TFL pension funds accounts to familiarise ourselves with where the pension fund invests our pension money. This is obviously a matter to beware of following the collapse of bank and other share on the London Stock Market. The latest accounts are available below.

Other pension fund information and contact details is available at
Should we be seeking re-assurances from the Pension fund Trustees during the global financiaL crisis?

British Transport Police Racism

The BBC Panorama programme entitled The Secret Policeman Returns charted progress at encouraging black and minority ethnic (BME) people into the force since a similar programme exposed racism among police recruits five years ago.

However shocking evidence was revealed into racism in the British Transport Police. The programme highlights an incident that took place two weeks ago in which two Asian British Transport police sergeants found the Ku Klux Klan emblem and other racist graffiti scraped into their lockers at their station in Stockwell, London.

Peace is breaking out

Our recent level one meeting on the East Ham Group was a complete suprise. Management were willing to listen to our complaints and respond favourably in nearly every instance. Smiles were seen from across the table that sent chills down your spine and made you wonder what dasterdly plan was being hatched or what path we were being led down to certain death. Still two days have gone past and we are all still alive at the moment so the tea was not poisened and they have not assigned hit men to us yet.

East Ham Branch Calls For All-Grades Ballot

East Ham branch have voted to send a resolution to our executive for a network wide ballot against breaches of agreements and the attendance policy.

We have had enough of management making up the rules as they go along. We believe that conditions are more important than pay at present and this dispute will have network wide support.

Update on Wood Lane Rosters

At recent Health and Safety trials at Wood Lane station it took 22 minutes to evacuate a grand total of 40 people!
Up until recently management were point blank refusing to even allow a referral from the Paddington group up to the Stations and Revenue Functional Council.

Following extensive efforts by Level/Tier 1 Reps,Stations Functional and Safety Council reps, management now appear to be willing to listen to our concerns about lack of staff and unacceptable rosters.

Attacks on managers

It has come to my attention that there are face book and blog sites that are pretending to be attatched to an RMT branch or region. Some of these have been attacking the familes of our management. My managers family has come under increasing pressure.
This practice is despicable and will never be supported by official RMT web sites.
We have our disputes with LUL management as a body not as a person. personalities should never creep into issues of industrial relations. We as proffessional reps should be aware that shit runs down hill.

next branch meeting

R.M.T. East Ham Branch
After the success of our action so far we need one last push to win!
Your next branch meeting is on:
Thursday 2nd of October at 16:30 at
The East Ham Working Men’s Club,
Boleyn Road, (Off Barking road) East Ham.
(Nearest station is Upton Park)
This branch meeting is important as we will be discussing future action on the East Ham Group. These issues concern you so please try to attend and let us know what you and your mates are thinking. It is your Branch.
If there is no way that you can attend please let me have your comments and ideas on:

Jerome Bowes

Update on Jerome, his Employment tribunal has been postponed for 2 months. We are having a collection for him on the group and if you wish to contribute please contact SS Sandiford or SS Murphy at Elephant and Castle for more details.

Why The Fight Must Go On

Staff on the East Ham Group have made a stand against the bullying of sick staff and the unfair dismissal of Sarah Huchins. We have made some ground in regaining the pay of four people but our management have made a serious error of judgement by trying to rewrite our agreements in the letter of response that was sent to your representatives. The major problem was always representation of staff when off sick.