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June July Edition of Signal for Liverpool Street Group

Dear Colleagues,

In this June/July edition of SIGNAL you will find information and articles on:

Framework Agreement 22a (which outline what management can and CANNOT ask you to do on stations. Very important to read this part.
New H&S rep for Liverpool Street Group.
Letters of Suitable Advice.
Positive results from taking local action.
Dry Cleaning Tokens.

SIGNAL August Edition

Dear Colleagues in this edition of SIGNAL you can read about:

• The idea of using reasonable force/ and counter attack
• Olympic rewards and recognition (from Stations Functional Council)
• Barbican and Farringdon Upgrade/downgrade developments (from Stations Functional Council)
• Wheelchair user evac training – a Health and Safety Bulletin

Easthammer Issue 9

Issue 9 of Easthammer just a simple 4 page duplex this time including a brief rundown of the picket lines. Brief advice whilst babysitting and a not so subtle dig at those doing overtime. Plus photos from the picket line as a middle page with messages of support..

This time with the attachment

Easthammer 6

Easthammer 6 is now out a totally different format because I was bored and decided to make it into a 4 page booklet when printed. I would still like input from other Reps in the Branch as I only know whats going on at my group. This is now an 8 page version although it may go back to four for other editions but I thought I would include a Centre fold poster (No not that kind)

For the Record April 2010 the newsletter for the Liverpool Street group.

The attached is the April edition of For the Record which this month contains:

• News about the job cuts
• Information on activities by the union to prevent the job cuts
• Roster issues for Farringdon, Liverpool Street and SCRA’s
• Long-weekend for reserves under-threat.
• Mystery shoppers and other news & information.

Easthammer Issue 4

New Issue of Easthammer Uploaded things have been relatively quiet down this neck of the woods then along comes an announcement and I have enough to fill two sides.

Among the issues are :
£5 minimum Top Up
TSSA Agreeing to stick by RMT (Just a rumour I heard on the news)????
Staff Our Stations
BNP Court Ruling
and a few random bits and pieces

Please distribute across your groups

I have sent Approx 30 to Reps at Tower Hill and Embankment

Together we can fight this