Meeting reports

Reports of negotiating meetings with London Underground, and other meetings of interest.

December RMT Platform Newsletter

Click on the attachment to download the latest RMT Platform newsletter detailing the attacks on Station Jobs revealed in the leaked documents on LU 's 'Operational Strategy'.

Moving Over Established staff

Following a meeting between functional reps and LU management, a proposal by LU has been presented to the TU's for moving the OE staff into established positions this proposal is as follows:

Movement of over established staff

Following a meeting between functional reps and LU management, a proposal by LU has been presented to the TU's for moving the OE staff into established positions this proposal is as follows:

Cleaning Vouchers & Fleece Uniform Consultative Committee 12th August 2011

Report from Gavin Bowtell. RMT Industrial and Health & Safety Rep for the Liverpool Street group on the recent Uniform Consultative Committee.

PDF below can be printed off for display.

RMT to Discuss Station and Revenue Staff Issues with LU Management

Here is the agenda for the meeting of London Underground's Stations and Revenue Council taking place on Wednesday 30 March.

1. Introductions & Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: 26th January 2011 Agreed
3. Matters Arising and Outstanding Items
4. Group Reserves: Utilisation on Line (RMT)
5. Excess Fares Sheets (RMT)
6. Championship Roles / CMS (TSSA)

AFM Machines

This was a reconvened meeting to discuss our objections to the new AFM machines where SAMF trained staff can resolve journeys from outside the ticket office.

ACAS Talks Over: Industrial Action ON

Talks between RMT/TSSA and London Underground management took place today, ending around 4pm. The unions' industrial action goes ahead - the overtime ban is still on, and a 24-hour strike is due to take place on 3-4 October.

RMT Tables Important Issues for Talks with Management

RMT has submitted the following items to be discussed at the Stations and Revenue Council meeting on 22 September.

1. Requests for odd days annual leave being declined on the grounds of coverage issues resulting from management not filling vacancies. Staff position is that staff should not suffer as a result of managements decision not to fill vacancies.

Report: Stations & Revenue Council meeting, 27 July 2010

Some issues and outcomes from the Stations and Revenue Control Council meeting held on Tuesday 27 July ...

  • Weekend closures
  • High Barnet regrading
  • Misuse of evacuation sheets
  • Maximum days for dependants leave
  • Willesden Green group.

Framework JWP Report

Below are the items which were raised at today’s Framework joint working party (JWP). The points raised are numbered and in bold and the response is below:

London Underground's Response to RMT's Counter-Proposal to Job Cuts

This is London Underground's response to RMT's presentation to the Company Council outlining our objections and our alternatives to the company's job-cutting plan (view it here). Despite the company refusing to publish our presentation on its Intranet, we are happy to publish its response on our website, as we trust readers to draw their own conclusions ...

Stations and Revenue Control Safety Council Report May 2010

1/ Fatigue Study.

This was commissioned by LUL after request by the ORR (Office of the Rail Regulator). This is going to be looking at getting better rosters to stop fatigue and the ill health effects of fatigue, and this will be ongoing throughout the company.

2/ Change Assurance Plans

OSP Update 3rd June meeting

As LU continue to try to steamroll through the disgraceful plans for the reorganisation of groups and the attack on jobs, your functional reps met management again on the 3rd to continue the not so meaningful consultation process. Having had grave concerns over the terms of reference for these meetings we were proved right by management and slightly bemused by their hypocritical view on how these meetings should be run.

Report: Stations & Revenue Council meeting about Job Cuts, 26 May 2010

Yesterday, RMT (and TSSA) reps attended an ad hoc meeting of the Stations and Revenue Council about the OSP (job-cutting plan). Management gave us a presentation on three issues:

1. Supervision reserve arrangements

Report: Stations & Revenue Council meeting, 14 April 2010

Referral from Embankment group: proposed roster changes

Local management are trying to cut a Supervisor post at Mansion House, claiming that the meal break turn is no longer needed. The GSM originally claimed that this was due to the closure of Blackfriars station, but management also claimed that absenteeism was an issue. RMT opposes this move, because:

Revenue Forum Report, Tuesday 18 May 2010

1. Update On May Fares Revision

The next Fares Revision is scheduled to take place on Sunday 23rd May 2010. The new Engineers pass for CTS Technicians will be issued on a new pink Oyster card stock.

2. Update On TOM Software Changes

The proposed package of TOM software enhancements now looks unlikely to be delivered before September 2010.

Silverlink JWP 18th May 2010

After not meeting since October 2009 your reps and management met again on Tuesday 18th May to continue talks surrounding issues on the ex-silverlink stations. Items discussed were as follows:

RMT Presentation: Our Case Against Job Cuts

Today, RMT gave a presentation to London Underground and the other trades union at the Joint Working Party setting out our case against the company's job-cutting plans. Click '1 attachment' / file name to view the slideshow we presented.

We await management's response.

Letter from your functional reps: Why we would not participate in LU's 'meeting' today

Your Stations and Revenue functional council reps today attended a meeting regarding the OSP (London Underground’s proposed 7-800 job cuts). At that meeting, your reps pointed out to management that due to all four trade unions registering two ‘failures to agree’ at Company Council level, we are not engaging in any meeting at functional level until those matters have been resolved.

Letter from your functional reps: Why we would not participate in LU's 'meeting' today

Dear Rep/Activist/Branch Secretary

This letter is to explain to you the events at the Stations and Revenue Functional Council meeting held today by management. We expect that management will circulate their own version of events, and feel that it is important that everyone knows the real facts and principles at stake.