Olympics Reward and Recognition

[report from Stations Functional Council]

The Trade Unions met with the company for the first time since March to discuss what reward and recognition employees would get in acknowledgement of our work over the Olympic period next year.

Laughably, LU have proposed an enhanced CSS bonus with an offer of £200 over the existing bonus scheme (taxable) if we attain the mark which LU set.

Obviously all four unions rejected this offer stating that we want a guaranteed bonus for our members and something that’s payable as close to the Olympics as possible not over a year later!

Any members that may have left the company between the Olympics and the following April would not receive the proposed bonus nor would TfL employees who are not within the CSS bonus scheme. The company is relying a lot on the good will of staff to cover the staffing shortages (ironically 450 extra staff are needed, the same amount as cut under OSP!) on O/T and the Trade Unions feel this current offer is an insult, bearing in mind LU have given away well over £3.5 million in free Oyster Travel Cards for the games and only recouped the manufacturing cost of the Oyster card from the Olympic Games Committee.

Issues At Work: