Safety report: Wheelchair ramps

[from the Stations and Revenue Safety Council]

Wheelchair ramps. LU are looking at trialling the laying of wheelchair ramps to assist wheelchair users to board/alight trains at approximately 20 stations across the system in readiness for the Olympics. At present we (safety council reps) are in the process of commenting on the relevant safety documentation that LU have produced.... We have been advised our functional council industrial colleagues that at present there is no agreement for LU staff to lay these ramps on our platforms/ trains. At present we are advising local safety representatives not to take part in discussing or participating in local trials relating to this activity and/or take part in any workplace risk assessments.

Assisting wheelchair users on escalators. We have been advised by safety representatives and staff that LU have been rolling out a training package for our staff to assist in this activity.

There is no agreement for LU staff to undertake this activity or the training package.. There are still a number of safety related issues that have to be addressed before this activity can be undertaken and we would advise local representatives to refer any problems regarding this working practice to us.

Issues At Work: