Mind the Reality Gap when it comes to cleaning uniform.

Gerry Duffy's recent letter to Bob Crow about uniform cleaning token shows that there is a great divide between what management think they know and what it actually the case.

The letter attached below refers to "various improvements" which have rendered the uniform machine washable at low temperatures; in the four years I've been wearing the uniform I've noticed not one improvement unless the thinner cheaper looking and feeling ties that don't knot nicely are an improvement. My new jacket has a care label which clearly states DRY CLEAN ONLY. If our uniforms are ruined as a result of washing them will LUL provided new ones even if we have spent our £80 budget or will we be accused of failing to follow written instructions on the care of the uniform label?

Whichever way you look at it the removal of the uniform vouchers which are EQUALLY available to all uniform wearing staff are better value for money than the tax relief which is UNFAIR and with an UNEQUAL yield with those on higher wages benefiting more - it's quite clearly a pay cut through the back door.