Boycott AFM Functionality Expansion-Jobs Depend on it

LU Management have informed the TU’s that they will be expanding the AFM Functionality to CSA’s.This now means that both CSA’s and SAMF’s will be expected to carry out ticket selling activities outside of the Ticket Offices,something which RMT are opposed to.LU have told us that they will initially be running a ‘pilot’ on a voluntary basis at Bank Station and also using SRT staff across the network from December to early January and thereafter will introduce it company wide.The first thing that CSA’s must remember is that their Job Description does not include or allow for the selling of tickets .RMT have previously objected to SAMF’s selling tickets outside the Ticket Office as we believe this is not safe and will lead to staff getting assaulted and potentially more disciplinary action against our members.In addition this change to ticket selling is clearly aimed at closing Ticket Offices and a reduction in the service provided to the traveling public.We also have these same concerns for CSA’s selling Tickets and resolving journeys from POM’s.

We are advising our members not to take part in the AFM Functionality programme. If you are a CSA it is not part of your job and by taking part you will be putting your own safety and job at risk.Additionally you will be enabling the company to close ticket offices and thus close off a potential route for promotion.Taking part in the AFM Functionality programme will not provide a fastrack route to an SAMF job,it will provide a fastrack route for the company to close Ticket Offices and get rid of hundreds of jobs.The RMT recently leaked documents on LU’s ‘Operational Vision’ to the BBC and these clearly state that they are intent on closing all Ticket Offices.In order to do this they must transfer some ticket selling activities from inside the Ticket Office to outside on the POM’s.Do not assist LU with these attacks on jobs and safety.

If you experience any problems or are unsure of your rights contact your local RMT Rep or seek advice from your RMT Branch and Stations Functional Council Reps