Branches and Regional Councils are invited to submit motions for the agenda of the Conference. You are reminded that these should be relevant to the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender members throughout the transport industry and must conform to Union policy. All motions must be received at Unity House by 13th April 2012 at the latest.

Branches are entitled to nominate up to two delegates and Regional Councils are entitled to nominate a maximum of three. Nominations must be made on the attached forms, which should be returned to Head Office no later than 13th April 2012.

In line with Union policy, the Conference Liaison Committee will organise crèche facilities where required. However, delegates requiring this facility should complete the attached form and must return it to this Office, along with the nomination form no later than 13th April 2012.

I am reminding Branches and Regional Councils of their duty to pay their Delegates’ expenses in accordance with the practice for other Grades Conferences,

Branches should note that members of the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Members’ Advisory Committee are not automatically nominated to the Conference. If Advisory Committee members wish to attend they will need to be nominated by their Branch or Regional Council.

I would urge all Branches and Regional Councils to ensure that this matter is raised at the earliest opportunity, as it is extremely important that as wide a debate as possible takes place at the Conference.

In addition to the above, invitations would be welcome from Branches and Regional Councils to host the 2013 Conference. Invitations will be placed before the 2012 Conference for a decision to be taken. If further information is required on this, please contact Jessica Webb at j.webb@rmt.org.uk or telephone on 020 7529 8821. Invitations should be sent to Head Office.