Save Our Railways, No to McNulty: Nationwide Budget “Day of Action”, Wednesday March 21, 2012

As part of the ongoing campaign against the McNulty Report the RMT and its sister unions are organising a further campaigning day of action on Wednesday March 21, Budget Day.

The intention is that we again distribute campaign postcards during the rush hour to passengers at stations throughout England and Wales. Please find a list of stations that we will be covering below and also updated on the RMT website homepage at

The days of action have proved very successful. We are reaching up to fifty stations with a very supportive response and passengers have now returned thousands of cards to their MPs.

Now is the time for us to step up our campaigning. The Government’s Rail Command Paper of March 8 makes it clear that cuts are planned for the railways.

As we know the best way to reform our railways is re-nationalisation. An integrated publicly owned railway run in the public interest would also bring wider economic, social and environmental benefits. Research for RMT by the Just Economics think tank has found Britain’s privatised railway is failing to realise benefits worth £13 billion a year when compared to a more integrated and publicly owned railways in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. A summary of this report is attached for information.

Activists are asked to contact their Branches to offer assistance. I do hope you can support the day of action on March 21.

In our region :

South East and Anglia

Brighton: 7.30-9.30

Ely: 07.30-09.30

Euston: 07.30-09.30

Faversham: 07.30-09.30

Harold Wood: 07.30-09.30

Hertford North: 07.30-09.30

Horsham: 07.30-09.30

Kentish Town: 07.30-09.30

Liverpool Street: 07.30-09.30

Milton Keynes: 07.30-09.30

Northampton: 07.30-09.30

Romford: 07.30-09.30

St Pancras: 07.30-09.30

Stevenage: 07.30-09.30

Thetford: 07.30-09.30

Three Bridges: 07.30-09.30

Watford Junction: 07.30-09.30

RMT Organising: