“We note that a well-attended meeting of our London Underground representatives unanimously recommended rejection of London Underground’s Olympics offer, taking the firm view that any offer should be for all grades and that there should not be any changes to the rules governing working conditions set out in the Framework Agreements. We therefore reject London Underground’s offer.

We further note that talks with LUL will continue this week, and instruct our negotiators to seek a draft agreement which gives an adequate financial reward to all grades of London Underground employees (station and revenue control staff, drivers, service control staff, APD and MATS), and accepts no changes to any Framework Agreement. A progress report is to be placed in front of the GGC on Thursday 22 March.

Further, we note that the deal between LUL management and ASLEF - which this union does not support - has not been presented to the Company Council for ratification as required. We instruct the General Secretary to urgently obtain legal advice as to the validity of this attempt to impose on our members changes to their terms and conditions of employment without their consent.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.”

Subsequent to this decision talks broke down at ACAS. The General Grades Committee has further considered this matter and the following decision taken:-

“We note that talks at ACAS aimed at resolving the dispute over Olympics recognition and reward for all London Underground staff broke down yesterday, with LUL attempting to use the pretext of the Olympics to attack working conditions and undermine public safety. The company’s ‘offer’ demands changes to Framework Agreements and does not apply to all grades.

We reiterate that RMT and its members wish to make the London Olympic and Paralympic Games a success. LU staff are willing to work hard to meet the huge demands on transport generated by the Games. We are not willing to sacrifice public safety and hard-earned protection of our working conditions, especially when this is not necessary for the effective running of the Underground during the Games. London Underground has created a problem for itself by its savage cuts to staffing levels over recent years, and cannot expect the remaining staff, or its passengers, to pay the price for its recklessness.

We further note the correspondence from Transport for London concerning our dispute over denial of annual leave during the summer to TfL Customer Experience staff. We refute TfL’s false claim that RMT representatives stated that concerns over annual leave have been resolved. We instruct the General Secretary to write to TfL confirming that these concerns have not been resolved, and to ensure that the minutes of the meeting referred to accurately represent our view.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

when further talks occur, ensure that our negotiating team agrees and issues an appropriate update to reps at the close of each day’s session; and to place these updates on file

obtain a detailed report on what has been discussed at all sessions of ACAS talks so far

attempt to secure a joint approach to this issue with the other London Underground trade unions

in line with the request of our Regional Organiser, advise our local representatives on LU that no discussions, consultations or negotiations are to take place on any Olympic issue until an agreement has been reached at Company Level and that all co-operation and goodwill is now withdrawn

confirm that we remain available for talks with London Underground to seek agreement on an appropriate financial reward for members without any breaches to our Framework Agreements

send a personal letter by post to all London Underground members explaining what LUL management is trying to do, why we oppose this, what the implications are for LU staff’s jobs and conditions in the near future, and urging everyone to stand firm and understand that the principles of defending working conditions are more important than short-term financial bribes

seek positive media coverage of our stance, emphasising that we are defending safety, jobs, working conditions and passenger service standards, refuting any suggestion that we or our members are greedy

place this matter back in front of us in the event of any developments.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised”

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