Branches are advised that the above matter has been considered again by the General Grades Committee and has made the following decision:-

“We note the report from our Regional Organiser on the productive meeting held on this matter. We welcome the detailed plan drawn up by our representatives.

We further note the correspondence from London Underground Limited, which is dismissive of our genuine concerns regarding safety and security, and states that LUL does not intend to remove Station Supervisors only “at this time”. This statement, together with other statements from LU and the company’s steady removal of duties from Station Supervisors over recent years, confirms our belief that LU will attempt to remove Station Supervisors in the future. This union is determined to defend this grade, and to improve our already-strong organisation among LU Station Supervisors.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

place on file the reports and documents that our representatives will be producing

ensure that resources are made available to our LU Stations & Revenue Grades Committee to run its planned campaign

include an article in RMT News about the role of London Underground Station Supervisors and the importance of defending these jobs

place this matter back in front of us in the event of any developments

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.”

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