The above matter has been considered again by the General Grades Committee and has made the following decision:-

“We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd, which fails to give the assurances that this union asked for, that current staffing establishment levels are protected and maintained over at least the period of the current pay deal. Instead, LUL has offered only vague phrase-mongering about “continuity of employment”, and made even this conditional on “common sense flexibility and cooperation to adapt to reasonable changes”. Experience tells us that this indicates LUL’s intention to cut staffing levels and attack working conditions.

We also note that LUL’s letter links this issue to the issue of remuneration for working during the Olympics.

We reaffirm this union’s determination to defend jobs and working conditions, using all necessary means, up to and including industrial action.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

· ensure that the issue of future job security continues to be raised with LUL during discussions about Olympic reward and recognition

· publish the letter from RMT to LUL and the reply from LUL to RMT on the union’s website, together with this decision

· press Unite, TSSA and ASLEF for a response to our correspondence seeking a joint approach from the unions to this issue

· write to all London Underground members outlining this union’s concerns regarding future attacks on LU jobs and conditions, and encouraging their involvement in our campaign to defend them

· encourage and support our Regional Council and representatives to circulate publicity on this issue, ensure that it has a profile in LU workplaces, and emphasise this issue in recruitment and organising activities

· place this matter back in front of us in the event of any developments and/or following feedback from our branches and Regional Council.

London Transport Regional Council and branches with London Underground members to be advised.”