Support Sarah Hutchins

Sarah Hutchins has been callously sacked for having pneumonia. This may sound absurd but if you use managements logic it is true. Sarah was assaulted three times on the gate line at Becontree once while she was pregnant. That assault resulted in a pregnancy related illness that requred her to take time out.
None of her time off for assualts or her maternity leave are admisable for disciplinary but she was sacked after a bought of pnumonia with only 62 days off accountable in three years.
Her doctor and LUL ocupational health passed her fit to work but her GSM medically terminated her without CDI or reason.
We have a directors appeal and a ballot on the go to support Sarah,she is fully backed by East Ham Branch members and the tssa members on the group.
The management can not be alowed to get away with this totaly barbaric act of bullying. We must give Sarah every ounce of support we can. Remember next time it may be you.

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