East Ham group ballot

The East Ham Group are to ballot around 100 members for strike action to secure the re-instatement of their sacked colleague Sarah Huchins and to stop the breaches of agreements local management are becoming famed for.
We want to see Sarah back at work asap and the pay re-instated to several members of staff that have been stopped pay in grossly unfair ways. Ballot papers go out on the 4th of August and must be returned by 13th of August. We urge you all to return a massive yes vote!
We want an end to the harrasment of staff when off sick and the demands for case conferences when people have been off sick for only a few days.
The local management think that they can tear up our agreements and re-write our terms and conditions.
We are determined to show them that they can't.
This ballot is the result of months of bullying and harrasment. Vote yes and bring it to an end!

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