Level One minutes, March 2008 - East Ham group

Level one Union Meeting. East Ham Group 20th March 2008.

Persons in Attendance: Gsm: Vince Dardis. & Abbey Alero.

Andy Norton (TSSA IR) Rick Grogan (RMT IR). Steve Philbrick (RMT IR)

John Knowles (TSSA Functional committee By Invitation).

Minutes Taken By DSM Simon Jones.

Meeting Starts 10:00 AM


1. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of Last meeting Read, Agreed and signed.

2. Matters Arising.

Member of staff: Pay stopped.
This was classed as domestic unpaid leave:

Outcome: GSM said “All cases need to be looked at on an individual Basis”
Verdict: Unagreed: will go back to Pelin to ask what she wants to do.

DSM Emails.
A series of Emails had been sent out during the OPO camera problems on the East Ham Group.
That was loaded with “Do This “Do That” You Will Be Stood Down Otherwise” etc.
Staff Side thanked GSM for his helpful approach during the problems with the opo failures. They said it was a pity that these e-mails were put out as in there opinion they were unnecessary and inflammatory.

Outcome: A revue of Emails and how DSM writes them will be undertaken.

OPO monitors (related problems)
Staff side wanted assurances that staff would not be left alone on platforms for any length of time if opo monitors fail.
Management stated that they were committed to staffing the platforms in these situations and they would endeavour to get staff to the station ASAP where possible.
A definite time could not be agreed as both Unions are in dispute over lone working and the subject is under discussion at a higher level

Outcome: Management will do all in their power to provide staffing for platforms in the event of opo failures.

Barking SATS.
(A).The issue here was the CSA`s being pulled from Barking to cover other duties elsewhere on the group and left alone if some one went sick.

Outcome: GSM accepted Barking was a high risk environment for staff to work at.
He would undertake to make sure Barking has two members of staff on duty particularly during the dead late shift until end of traffic. He will tell the ag1s that they must prioritise Barking for cover even if it means using overtime.
It was noted That if an instance of “ if a CSA are detraining and the driver does not get out of their cab to assist, the CSA must detrain ALL of the carriages, then report the driver and train number to the on duty DMT.”

(B). Reporting incidents.

Outcome: Barking has a book for reporting any note worthy incidents at present. However this book is not being looked at or followed up on. Staff side has printed off some IRF paperwork for the staff to complete and keep a record of. One copy to go to DMT Barking one copy to go to the Health & Safety reps at Hornchurch.
GSM also advised that all staff should when in the public area be equipped with a connect radio and personal alarm. Also if the staff feel threatened to go to a place of safety and call the DMT using connect or Auto.

(C). Communication.

Outcome: It was agreed a better level of communication between detrainment staff and the signal cabin also D.I.A. For when the service is suffering problems and trains are being reversed at Barking more than the timetabled reversing trains.

(D). Computer links.

Outcome: A need for trackernet was felt needed at Barking. GSM has put in a request to install a PC at Barking for this very reason.
The CSA`s will not be able to complete EIRF`s, this will remain the duty of the CSA to fill out the blank form and hand it to the DMT at Barking.

(E). Seven trains reversed at Barking in a Row.

A detailed list was handed to GSM of seven trains reversed at Barking with no information passed on to the detrainment staff at the time.

Outcome: GSM stated that he thought two trains turned one after the other was enough and he would look into the event. He will have a word with train side to see that it does not happen again. GSM will also ask if our staff can use the new room under the stairs on the east bound platform as a place of safety when at that end of platform.

Reserve Staff Change of duties.

Enquiry about why the reserve staffs was having their duty times changed by two hours.

Outcome: An Ad-Hoc conversation between Staff side and both AG1.
The Framework of Agreement. States being reserve your duties may be changed to suit the business need by no more then 2 hours. It is a grey area say you need any specific time to adhere to this although the AG1`s stated they usually put out the “pink cover sheets” at least 1 week before any duty starts.
It was also mentioned No duty must or will be changed from an extreme shift to another without prior notice of that member of staff.
Additional the AG1`s advised me they work to a long weekend every 4 weeks for reserve staff to balance out the 2 hour start. This is caused by some stations duty start time rosters.

Gate line working west of Barking.

Outcome: GSM is arranging a meeting with Health & safety reps about concerns of gate line staff working on the gate line at East Ham, Upton Park and Plaistow Until end of traffic.
Staff side to contact their Heath & Safety representatives to arrange a tier one meeting with GSM as a matter of urgency.

Misuse of video equipment.

An issue of an assault on a member of staff had taken place at East Ham. The CCTV tapes had been put to one side and sealed in a multisafe bag for Police evidence. Afterwards a DSM had requested to view the CCTV tapes. It transpires the request was denied and the tapes had not been viewed by any DSM.

Member of staff– 4 days leave stopped & Unpaid two days.
This person had two days money stopped. This transpired to be two days Domestic leave – Unpaid.
They said that he has had 4 days leave stopped because he did not fill in a form saying when he wanted them. Staff side said that leave should be allocated if not taken Management agreed.
Management to investigate claim.

Attendance procedure.

Outcome: Action: For the Staff side to draw up a draft information pack to advice staff of the attendance procedure. Management to review when done.

Signing on Issues.
It was brought up by GSM that staff were not signing in all the documentation. This is a safety issue and auditable. There were concerns for safety and the auditors had picked it up.

Outcome: Action plane between DSM`s and IR Reps to produce an information sheet. Advising staff to correctly sign all books and forms when booking one for duty or checks and visits.

Patterns of sickness.

Staff side asked why sickness beyond 2 years was being brought up in sickness revues.

Outcome: GSM 2 pointed out there is a sickness system called “rainbow” which looks at points of sickness spanning 5 years. This was detailed that if a period goes into a certain zone. An action plan has to be produced for the member of staff to assist them in any problems they are having.
Unions do NOT recognise patterns.


GSM would like a joint action plan by DSM`s and IR reps to remind all staff about using the PC and CCTV equipment for personal use.
The company equipment is for company use only.

GSM Dardis praised all members of staff on the group for a good level of attendance.
He also stated `he was not out to sack anybody`.

Meeting end