Level One minutes June 2008 - East Ham group


LEVEL 1 MINUTES – 02/2008
ON 25TH June 2008 at 10:00 hours

Attendees: Mr Vince Dardis (VJD) - Group Station Manager
Mr Tony Smith (TS) - Group Station Manager
Mr Rick Grogan (RG) - Staff Side (RMT)
Mr Steve Philbrick (SP) - Staff Side (RMT)
Mr Andy Norton (AN) - Staff Side (TSSA)
Miss Eve Januszewski (EJ) - Duty Station Manager (Safety Portfolio)
Miss Jacqui Francis (JMF) - Minute Taker

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Previous Minutes
Minute of previous meeting on 20/03/08 not fully agreed, Vince Dardis explained that he has some notes from Simon Jones from the last meeting, which he will go through. All Agreed

Matters Arising

04/03/08 DSM E-Mails
Staff side (RMT) had raised the concern that a series of e-mails had been sent out during the OPO Camera problems on the group, that were loaded with “Do this, Do that” “You will be stood down otherwise” tones. Staff side did thank Vince Dardis for his helpful approach during the OPO problems and felt it was a pity these e-mails had been put out as they were unnecessary and inflammatory.

Minute: Vince Dardis will review the tone and character of future e-mails sent out. VJD

06/03/08 (e) Barking SATS
Staff side raised concern that there is still a high volume of trains being turned at Barking with no information being passed to the detrainment staff.

Minute: Vince Dardis will write to the Service Control Manager for investigation and keep dispatchers & controller informed of what’s happening. VJD

10/03/08 John Bull Smith
John Smith had previously had 2 days pay stopped which transpired to be Domestic Leave Unpaid. He also queried 4 days leave he said had been stopped because he did not fill in a form confirming when he wished to take them. Staff side said that leave should be allocated if not taken, management agreed and will investigate John’s claim.

Minute: John’s 4 days outstanding leave from 2006/07 was stopped because he did not take it before the specified deadline, despite having ample time to do so, so he lost it. Staff Side to refer item to functional level. Reps


01/06/08 Barking SATs – Meal Breaks

Meal Breaks for Barking SATs discussed. Vince clarified for Tony Smith the history surrounding this matter. Meal break times are currently making SATs arrive late for their 2nd half duty at Upton Park & Upminster Bridge resulting in them being booked.

Minute: Vince Dardis to review full schematics of Barking SATs. VJD

01/06/08 (ii) Barking SATs - Trackernet
Staff Side raised concern that trackernet has still not been installed at Barking. Vince and Eve clarified that trackernet has never been installed at Barking and that the previous PC there was a stand alone model. A new PC has been ordered via Minor Works.

Minute: All new staff on the group to visit the Signal Cabin at Barking to familiarise themselves with what they do there. Vince Dardis to speak to Dave Johnson re: Pick-up cabin at Barking. VJD

02/06/08 Attendance
Reps raised issue of staff being phoned at home, demanding meetings and home visits.

Minute: This item has been referred to functional level.

03/06/08 Retraining Supervisors East of Barking
Staff at Upney have asked for Ticket Office re-training, due to non-selling of tickets since roster changes.

Minute: DSM Oduntan is looking at getting staff refresher training with the ticket office coaches. Vince Dardis to put out a reminder to all staff re: them keeping up their ticket office skills & re-familiarising themselves within the ticket office as part of their licence. AO/VJD

04/06/08 Upgrading East Ham to SS2
Staff Side raised issue of East Ham being upgraded to SS2. This item has been previously raised a few years back at Level 1.

Minute: Vince Dardis to contact Frank Ibe for clarification on process for having East Ham re-assessed. VJD

05/06/08 Union Notice Boards
Staff Side have highlighted that some new staff information boards are required on some stations to display Level 1 items for their members.

Minute: DSMs to look at any available space there is at each station where boards can be put up, when they are going around the group. Address Labels for reps to be made up. DSMs/JMF

06/06/08 Removal of TV’s
Staff Side raised the issue of TV’s being removed from stations around the group.

Minute: Management Side clarified that 6 new TV’s have been ordered & 10 TV Licences are being bought. A briefing note is to be put out to all staff regarding the use of TV’s on stations. VJD

07/06/08 1030-1830 Roster at Dagenham Heathway
Alan Wicks has asked if he can cover this position. Management Side pointed out that this roster was only separated to a stand alone roster by the previous GSM as a favour to a Supervisor at DGH. Several supervisors have requested to cover this position but there is a waiting list. This position was and still is originally a 5 person roster.

Minute: 1030-1830 Roster at Dagenham Heathway will revert back to a 5 person roster as it previously was. VJD


08/06/08 Attire at Meetings
Management Side raised the item of attire at meetings. As long as everyone is in a shirt or smart that is fine.


Vince Dardis Rick Grogan Andy Norton Steve Philbrick
Group Station Manager Staff Side Rep (RMT) Staff Side Rep (TSSA) Staff Side Rep (RMT)

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Level 1 Items Closed at 23/06/08 Meeting

03/03/08 Pelin Gurdag – Pay Stopped
Pelin Gurdag had been stopped 2 days pay (granted Domestic Leave Unpaid) for child care. Vince Dardis had clarified that “all cases are looked at on an individual basis”, which staff side did not agree with as they felt Pelin should have been offered the option of taking annual leave. It was left with Staff Side to confirm with Pelin how she wanted to pursue this matter.

Minute: All cases are looked at on individual need; this matter has been referred back to Pelin to clarify how she wants to pursue this matter. Item closed at this level.

05/03/08 OPO Monitors (related problems)
Staff Side wanted assurances that staff would not be left alone on platforms for any length of time if OPO monitors fail. Management stated that they were committed to staffing the platforms in these situations and they would endeavour to get staff to the station ASAP where possible. A definite time could not be agreed as both unions are in dispute over lone working and the subject is under discussion at a higher level.

Minute: Management will do all in their power to provide staffing for platforms in the event of OPO failures. VJD

06/03/08 (a) Barking SATs – Lone Working
Staff Side highlighted that CSA’a are being pulled from Barking to cover other duties on the group and left alone if someone goes sick.

Minute: Vince Dardis accepted Barking was a high risk environment for staff to work at. He would undertake to make sure Barking has 2 members of staff on duty particularly during the dead late shift until end of traffic. He will tell AG1s to prioritise barking for cover even if it means using overtime. AG1s

06/03/08 (b) Barking SATs – Reporting Incidents
Minute: Barking has a book for reporting any note worthy incidents. However, this book is not being looked at or followed up on. Staff Side (RMT) have printed of some IRF paperwork for the SATs to complete and keep a record. 1 copy to DMT, 1 copy to H&S Reps at Hornchurch. Management Side also advise that all staff should when in public be equipped with a connect radio & personal alarm. If staff feel threatened they are to go to a place of safety & call the DMT using connect or auto. SATs

06/03/08 ( c ) Barking SATs – Communications
Minute: It was agreed a better level of communication between detrainment staff & the signal cabin also DIA is required, for when the service is suffering problems and trains are being reversed at Barking more than the timetabled amount.

06/03/08 (d) Barking SATs – Computer Links
Minute: Staff Side felt there is a need for trackernet at Barking. Vince Dardis has put in a request to install a PC for this very purpose. The CSA’s will not be able to complete EIRFs, this will remain the duty of the CSA to fill out the blank form and hand it in to the DMT at Barking. VJD

07/03/08 Reserve Staff Change of Duties
Staff Side enquired about why reserve staff were having their duty times changed by 2 hours. An ad hoc conversation between Staff Side (TSSA) and both AG1s.

Minute: The Framework of Agreement states being reserve your duties may be changed to suit the business need by no more than 2 hours. It is a grey area say you need any specific time to adhere to this, although the AG1s state they put out the “pink coversheets” at least 1 week before duty starts. It was also mentioned no duty must or will be changed from an extreme shift to another without prior notice to the member of staff. Additionally the AG1s advised they work to a long weekend every 4 weeks for reserve staff to balance out the 2 hour start.

08/03/08 Gateline Working West of Barking
Minute: Management Side is arranging a meeting with H & S Reps about concerns of gateline staff working on the gateline at East Ham, Upton Park and Plaistow until end of traffic. Staff Side to contact their H& S reps to arrange a Tier 1 meeting with GSM as a matter of urgency. Reps

09/03/08 Misuse of Video Equipment
An issue of an assault on a member of staff had taken place at East Ham. The CCTV tapes had been put to one side and sealed in a multisafe bag for police evidence. Afterwards a DSM had requested to view the CCTV tapes, but it transpires that the request was denied and the tapes had not been viewed by any DSM.

10/03/08 Reporting Non-Attendance
Staff Side have put out a notice to all members reminding them of the non-attendance procedure and what to do when reporting sick. Reps

11/03/08 Attendance Procedure
Staff Side agreed to draw up a draft information pack to advise staff of the attendance procedure and Management to review once done. Reps have put out a notice to all members reminding them of the procedure for reporting non-attendance.

Minute: Item closed. VJD