East Ham Group Vote Yes

The votes have been counted on the East Ham Group. The staff have voted yes with only votes 2 against
action. The result is an indication of the feeling on the group and will be followed by decisive action by the staff. The sacking of Sarah Hutchins and the bullying by management have forced us into a situation where we have no choice but take action to put a stop to this continual torment.

Over the next few days we must build up an organisation on the group for picketing and leaflet distribution. The local news letter "Easthammer" has put out an appeal for articles from staff and would like to open that up to all staff in dispute at present. Send articles to Easthammer.

We hope for a good turn out for the mass meeting on the 19th of August at Friends House. Uniting the several disputes is the next step to stopping the intimidation of our staff.

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