Strike date set for East Ham Group

Everybody out on the 22nd of August!

The staff have spoken, the mandate has been given and East Ham Group are going on strike against oppression and tyranny.

Staff are advised not to book on for any duty that starts between 04:30 on the 22nd of August 2008 and 04:29 on the 23rd of August 2008. This dispute is a necessary action to stop the wave of terror that is sweeping our staff. For months now your reps have been receiving calls from staff complaining of intimidation, bullying and pressure to return to work when unwell. We have tried to resolve these issues through the normal machinery to no avail.

Your representatives have fought for you! We have listened to your needs! We answered your call!
We can do no more without your help! Workers Unite & fight!

The membership has been constantly complaining about the present management. Your representatives have tried to put those grievances to management but they don’t listen. The only way to beat a bully is to stand up and fight. That is what we are doing on the 22nd of August. We are Showing management that we will not be intimidated anymore. Enough is enough it is time to stand!

We must Stand up and fight today or spend the rest of our lives oppressed!

We have a clear choice. Fight today or face the same style of management or worse for ever. We have no options open to us; this is fight or be crushed. We are a part of several disputes that show the style of management that we are fighting, being rolled out across the underground as standard practice. This must be stopped before it becomes unstoppable. Do not cower in fear of your managers, unite and fight with the East Ham Branch RMT. Never on our knees! East Ham Unite & fight with the RMT

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