Train staff support station staff

Why Train Operators should support striking station staff!
Station staff on East Ham Group will be taking strike action on the 22nd of August for 24 hours. Staff have been advised not to book on for any duty that starts between 04:30 on the 22nd of August and 04:29 on the 23rd of August in a dispute against the unfair sacking of Sarah Huchins, the stopping of pay, intimidation of staff when off sick and the bullying tactics of the local manager.
There are several disputes ongoing with LUL at present. Management have already run trains through 3 unstaffed stations in a row in some of these disputes. Their efforts to cow station staff will fail if we stick together. They will attempt to run trains through unstaffed stations again between Upminster and Plaistow when we strike. You know how rough the East end of the District line is when we have staff on duty. Imagine what it will be like left unstaffed.
You have every right to refuse to run trains through the area.
Their will be pickets at Upminster and Barking please do not cross our lines, show the solidarity that made the trade union movement great. Talk to your colleagues at Acton Town and the other District line depots to let them know the situation.
IF management get away with their scare tactics and bullying on the station side, it will not be long before they are trying it on you. Stand with us and nip this attack in the Bud. Show management that we are a united workforce that stand up for each other and that they can not divide and rule us. Unity is Strength is the Unions Slogan, let’s honour that and show a united front.
All out on the 22nd of August! Let’s Show the management we can’t be pushed around!
Workers of all grades united in one common cause under one banner in one fight!
Unity is strength! Unite & fight!

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