East ham group Solid

The 22nd of August will be a day of celebration for East Ham Branch for many years to come. Our day of action saw the group being staffed by managers on overtime costing the company a fortune. These are the lengths that management will go to try to convince you that they can win against a united workforce. When you need overtime they tell you they can’t afford it. We should show them that we can not be bought so easily and go into an overtime ban next. Write in and let me know what you think
We know that the Managements boasts are hollow. They could never sustain that level of expenditure with an extended action and they would not have enough managers to cover a 48 hour stoppage. We should be planning ahead.
. We offer sincere thanks to all the managers and Revenue staff that refused to work in our area during the Strike. We now have the exact figures for the whole day and only 13 of our own staff worked through the strike with one person doing a double shift. 8 were TSSA members and of course it was their right to work as they had not been balloted. We thank the TSSA for the support shown throughout this action and look forward to you joining us soon. The others consisted of a couple of people that are not in any Union and a few RMT members.
THE 99% of you who took action should be proud of yourselves. You fired the first shots in our fight back and they were an artillery barrage. Your Unions are proud of you for refusing to be exploited and standing up to fight.
Keep the fires burning! Be proud to be in the RMT!
The commitment shown by you all is an inspiration to all other workers. They will look at what you achieved and take up the fight themselves. We must now look at uniting all the disputes on the underground into one action.
R.M.T. Unity is strength!

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