When Managers Are Left In Charge

We have to put up with the constant nit picking of our management every day. How often have you heard,
"You have not signed this , you have not done that, are you aware of this or that procedure as we are being audited and it is safety critical , we must reach our targets."
With managers running the East Ham group on the 22nd of August Strike we saw from the managers how it should be done.
Station familiarisation forms not filled out suggesting that their was no familiarisation before they took over the stations, Congestion control and Emergency plans not signed for suggesting that they were never read, station security checks not carried out and not signed for, staff evacuation and visitors sign ins not done, tenants alowed to work while the station was being baby sat, contracters signed in by unfamilierised managers and no security announcements made on most stations to name just a few of the breaches carried out on that day.
If management think it ok to spend a fortune staffing stations with managers on overtime and then get that kind of service, we should really be looking at what we are worth in next years pay claims.
East Ham Group sent a clear message to the Board of directors on the 22nd of August.
With 99% of the staff on strike it gave management a clear indication of the discontent on the group. We have shown that we will not be bullied and we will not tolerate the abuse of our mates when they are off sick.
We the majority who stood up and were counted can be proud of ourselves and hold our heads high for fighting for the principle of fair play and justice.
A few RMT members on the group and one in particular must be ashamed to look at themselves in a mirror. They let you down and they let themselves down.
They will have to live with themselves. They know who they are.
We the majority will fight on for the reinstatement of Sarah Huchins job and the pay of our other workmates, we will demand an end to intimidation and we will not give in until we win. Unity is strength, unite & fight with the RMT.
The next East Ham branch meeting is on the 4th of September 16:30 at East Ham working mens club, Boleyn Road (off Barking Road) East Ham. Nearest station Upton Park.
Please try to attend to let us know what you think we should be doing next.
Help us to plan any future action and give your input into what form that action should take..
We will be having a little drink after the branch to celebrate the success of our action. We welcome all members of both unions.

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