Overtime Ban East Ham Group

The pay has been reinstated to 4 members of staff after our day of action. In a letter from the management they conceded that these cases could have been handled differently. Sarah Hutchins is still sacked and we need to address this and the issue of representation of staff when off sick. The letter went on to praise the East Ham Group management team and to state that staff have to be off work for 28 days before they are entitled to a union rep at a meeting. This flies in the face of previous agreements and sets a company standard that could see our entire membership balloted.

Our own action will be continued from Monday 8th of September in the form of an overtime ban. This form of action can be embraced by every member of staff as no one can force you to work overtime! We must defend our rights to be represented when sick! We must have Sarah Hutchins reinstated! Stand together!
If we stand firm and refuse to be bullied we can win.

There is no excuse for breaking this ban as it is your choice to work overtime or not.

There were a handful of people that worked during the strike, some because they were in another union some because they put cash before loyalty to their workmates and Union. Let’s put that all behind us and unite for this action as a solid body. United We can and will win!

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