RMT wins legal case against Green Park management for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination

SAMF Gianpaolo Vuoto had worked for LUL for nine years when in November 2007, Piccadilly line management sacked him.

They dressed it up at his medical dismissal as 'reasonable', but nothing could be further from the truth - Gianpaolo had been able and was willing to continue being employed despite suffering from multiple sclerosis. All his workmates at Green Park backed him and testified to this in the tribunal.

The previous GSM had agreed 'reasonable adjustments' (alterations to working conditions due to a disability or medical condition) and Gianpaolo adhered to them. The new GSM would not accept this and Gianpaolo was sacked.

With RMT's backing, and legal representation provided by the union, Gianpaolo took his case to Employment Tribunal alleging unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. Two weeks ago, the Tribunal reached its decision and Gianpaolo's allegations were upheld. It's now official: LUL's dismissal of him was unfair, and his employer denied him the rights that the Disability Discrimination Act provides for him. The GSM's actions were illegal and senior management too broke the law when they upheld the GSM's decision.

This appalling episode for Gianpaolo could have been any of us, and as his union, we are determined to stop this happening again.

Management must be forced to discipline the managers guilty of these actions.

RMT Organising: