Revenue Control Re-structuring

From 'Red Central', RMT Central Line West branch's newsletter

On 14 September, Revenue Control underwent a major management change.

All three units were merged into one with one Revenue Control Manager (Instead of three) and just nine Duty Revenue Control Managers (DRCM's) instead of 16. The AG1 staffing level was also reduced from eight to three.

This was all done by senior management with no consultation and complete ignorance of the operational change procedure, (an agreement that is supposed to protect staff.)

With seven DRCMs forcefully moved, RCIs are now very worried for their positions.

RCIs are also concerned that the new structure won't be able to cope and that as a result of this Health & Safety and conditions will suffer.

All RCI's and indeed staff should be watching this issue very closely as it is very unlikely that this disgraceful unilateral attack will stop with Revenue Management.

Tomorrow it could affect your job!