Attacks on managers

It has come to my attention that there are face book and blog sites that are pretending to be attatched to an RMT branch or region. Some of these have been attacking the familes of our management. My managers family has come under increasing pressure.
This practice is despicable and will never be supported by official RMT web sites.
We have our disputes with LUL management as a body not as a person. personalities should never creep into issues of industrial relations. We as proffessional reps should be aware that shit runs down hill.
What we are getting at the bottom has come from the very top. We can not blame individuals at the bottom.
I would ask that if anyone knows of these sites, Do not go near them or contribute to them. If you know who runs them try to get them to stop.
We would be up in arms if management attacked our families because we are reps or activists. We must never take things personaly in our dealings with individual managers. They have bosses too and Some of them are even RMT members.

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