Peace is breaking out

Our recent level one meeting on the East Ham Group was a complete suprise. Management were willing to listen to our complaints and respond favourably in nearly every instance. Smiles were seen from across the table that sent chills down your spine and made you wonder what dasterdly plan was being hatched or what path we were being led down to certain death. Still two days have gone past and we are all still alive at the moment so the tea was not poisened and they have not assigned hit men to us yet.

We have refered up traveling time for supervisors forums and traveling time when engineering work extends your traveling time. New rosters that management are proposing have minor changes here and there but they are to be dealt with in detail in a seperate meeting. yet again our thoughts and input are welcome.

This is a far cry from the scheming and plotting that we are used to and a pleasant change. We may one day be lulled into being naive enough to trust them.

Congratulations to all who took part in the action on the group. It was your efforts that got us to this point.
The issue of the attendance procedure is a company wide one that East Ham Group can not fight alone.
Our branch is calling for a network wide ballot against breaches of agreements and the attendance procedure. We need to do the work on the ground to prepare the staff for that ballot.

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