Support an all out Strike Ballot

The management on the East Ham Group have not disapointed us. I said in my last posting that we needed to stay on our toes as they were likely to revert to type. It has happened already.
We have had managers scurrying around the group since our strike, asking members what Union they are in. Mainly they were told to sod off and mind their own bussiness. Now staff are being sent to LDI for taking legal strike action. Enough is enough! It is time to stand up to this constant bullying with an all out strike.
East Ham branch has sent a resolution to the Regional Council caling for a ballot of all grades against abuses of the attendance procedure and breaches of agreements. Please give this your total support.
I know that management read this blog as I often get constructive feed back from them.
If they are reading this now they should be made aware that we will not be cowed! we will stand and fight all injustices to our membership and we will never give in to intimidation and bullying.
We must organise now for action on a network wide scale against this abuse of our human right to strike.
Lobby the leadership and send resolutions to the executive from your own branches.

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