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During the last two years the call for an amnesty for illegal immigation has become wide spread. Who are those calling for such an amnesty? Surprisingly many are party leaders and others political leaders seeking the UK to adopt similar policies to France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

These include Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, leader of the Muslim Council of Britain and Stephen O'Brien, one of the City's leading business leaders. All four candidates for the last London Mayor election Ken Livingstone, the Liberal Democrats' Brian Paddick, the Green Party's Sian Berry and now current Mayor Boris Johnson.

The previous European Immigration Amnesties were

France: 152,000 (1998)

Greece: 397,000 (1998)

Italy: 308,000 (1998)

Spain: 700,000 (2005)

Source: Individual governments Wednesday, 14 June 2006,

Lib Dems back migrant 'amnesty'

Plans to offer a "selective" amnesty to illegal immigrants in the UK have been backed at the Liberal Democrat conference. in 2007 Home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg ( Now Party Leader) said it was "absurd" to suggest the 500,000 people in Britain illegally could all be deported - at £11,000 a head.Instead after 10 years they should get the right to earn citizenship, he said.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007, Source


Liberal Democrat party policy supported by leader

Mayoral candidates call for illegal immigration amnesty

Source: The Independent 09/04/08

All four of London's main mayoral candidates, including the Tory candidate Boris Johnson, will back the campaign to offer undocumented workers the chance to be integrated into mainstream society and obtain papers allowing them to work and pay taxes legally. They will be joined by an array of influential figures, including Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, leader of the Muslim Council of Britain and Stephen O'Brien, one of the City's leading business leaders.
Pressure to make the offer of a one-off amnesty has intensified in the wake of a campaign by London Citizens, the capital's largest community organisation. At a public assembly in Westminster tonight, more than 2,000 representatives of the City's community groups will demand the next mayor back their campaign. All four candidates, the Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone, the Liberal Democrats' Brian Paddick, the Green Party's Sian Berry and Mr Johnson, will agree.

At present, we have the worst of all worlds, turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, but making it impossible for illegal immigrants to regularise their status. Doing more to enforce immigration law, while accepting the reality that there are long term illegal immigrants who have settled well, would be far fairer, better for society and more economically efficient. All we need is for policy makers to accept reality.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is former director of the ( Conservative) Policy Exchange think-tank .It is said to be David Camerons favourite Think Tank at

Date May 30th 2008 Foreign Affairs Minister canvasses amnesty for Nigerian immigrants in Europe

Abuja - Nigeria Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Ojo Maduekwe, has said that it is time for European countries to grant amnesty to Nigerians living in Europe without relevant travel documents. The minister who made this known in Abuja, said that the move would facilitate a stronger tie between Nigeria and Europe, particularly with regards to the strategic economic partnership. He said his meeting with the EU officials dwelt on issues of assisting Nigeria in its drive to attain speedy economic development and the welfare of its citizens in Europe.

So should there be an amnesty - or would it be a disaster?


We have been advocating an amnesty for a long time. It should happen at the same time as the introduction of the government's e-borders programme [a computerised system for recording arrivals and departures from the UK] between 2007 and 2008 because it would help to clear the decks. If we held an amnesty at this time, it would allow us to know, once and for all, the identity of those who have over-stayed while encouraging people to come forward. But it has to be done right in order to work.
It has got to be on the basis that if an illegal migrant can show that they have been in stable employment for some time, are still in employment and have committed no crimes, then they should be given leave to remain in the UK for a specified period.

“These people are often educated and skilled, but get tricked by criminals who charge the earth, get them into Britain and set them to work in appalling conditions and live in ghettos” - Mark Perryman, Kent Wednesday 14 June 2006

Independent Asylum Commission Report "Deserving Dignity" welcomed Publication date: 10 July 2008

IAS welcomes the conclusions and recommendation in "Deserving Dignity: How to improve the way we treat people seeking sanctuary" the Independent Asylum Commission's Third Report of Conclusions and Recommendations published today

Keith Best, IAS' Chief Executive, stated

“The report form the Independent Asylum Commission “Deserving Dignity” is a wake-up call for the Government and the British people. Its conclusions are indisputable as they are based on detailed evidence and analysis – something which consistently has been lacking in the approach by Government to its changes in immigration legislation. If Britain is to regain its international reputation as a country which is fair and humane, despite the Government being found wanting in the courts on human rights issues relating to immigration and asylum, then the messages must be heeded.

First, those who have committed no criminal offence should not be detained without cogent reason which is not the case at present. Secondly, the condemnation to a life of deliberate destitution of people who cannot be returned to their country of origin besmirches the name of Britain and lays us open to criticisms usually reserved for dictatorial tyrannies around the world. We should be helping such highly talented people to enhance their skills so that when they return to their countries of origin they can help to rebuild them and have a fond memory of the assistance they received while in the UK. This is especially true of the Zimbabweans currently in the UK.

The report identifies the obscenity of the Government’s indifference to children who have fled from persecution. The Government needs to learn the lesson that pandering to the prejudices of the tabloid media is not acting in the best interests of the UK or according to the wishes of the majority of British people, as opinion polls show. Anyone reading this report should feel a sense of anger and shame and send a clear message to the Government that present policies need to change. “Not in my name” should be the clarion call which reaches the ears of Government. Humanity should be applied to all.”

Britains Unions and workers must unite to ensure this becomes Government and European Policy as soon as possible. A New petiton to be signed by all those who care about this matter will ( subject to Government approval) appear in the next few days on the government website at

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