Collecting Fares on the Gateline?

RMT has forced LUL management to postpone a 'trial' of CSAs collecting fares on the gateline - and if the company persists with the idea, then RMT will continue to oppose it.

LUL wants CSAs to collect fares on the gateline from passengers who arrive at your station without a ticket. The company wants CSAs to do this by carrying an Oyster card and loading the customer's money as credit on the Oyster via the POMs.

RMT objects to this on several grounds:

  • There is clearly a risk of assault from people trying to evade paying a fare.
  • LUL seems to have given no thought to what to do if the customer does not have the right change and the POM is in 'exact money only' mode.
  • Collecting revenue is not in a CSA's job description - it is the role of SAMFs, SSMFs and RCIs - all of whom are paid more than CSAs.
  • This is another policy designed to justify cutting ticket office opening hours or closing ticket offices altogether.

LUL's argument is that the company does not want to lose revenue, so that customers who are prepared to pay at the end of their journey should be able to. RMT responds that those customers would have been willing to pay at the start, and should have been provided with the facility to do so. Failing this, they should be able to pay at the end of their journey - at a ticket office window.

Moreover, LUL had promised RMT several pieces of information relevant to this issue which the company has failed to provide:

  • a list of locations where collecting fares on the gateline still takes place;
  • an analysis of how much revenue has been raised from collecting fares on the gateline over the past year;
  • a list of locations where it is not physically possible to collect fares from an assistance window;
  • a list of locations where there is no assistance window.

LUL had planned to run a trial of this system at Charing Cross early next year. However, RMT's arguments at the Stations & Revenue Council meeting on 11 December persuaded them not to go ahead as yet. The union will now provide management with a list of our objections and issues by 6 February 2009, management will provide the union with the information we requested, and then the issue will be discussed again.

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