What hours do you work?

I may be proven wrong but last time I checked, we on LUL work five days a week and have a framework in place to stop us working excessive hours/days. Not so if you work on the Marylebone group!

Over the last year many breaches of the Framework have occurred on the Marylebone group with staff working well over the 30% guidelines for overtime and in some instances working 16 days straight. Management on the group do not seam to understand the Framework which they are meant to uphold by not knowing what constitutes a double shift ( 1 staff member did 3 doubles in a couple of weeks)and obviously not checking the overtime requests properly when authorising it, otherwise staff wouldn’t be allowed to get away with the breaches that they are.

The reps are told that if they refer these beaches some of our members could be sent to disciplinaries but what they fail to forget or choose to overlook is the fact that they the managers have to authorise the overtime before the staff member does it and so they are as much if not more so at fault and are responsible for the safe running of their group.

Referrals have gone in and we await the reply with much anticipation.

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