Child Fare Anomaly

Our RMT rep on Greenford group, Paul Beirne, spotted a cock-up in the new fares revision, and has sent this letter to management ...

I'd like to bring to your attention the following anomalies, which are already causing conflict with station staff and customers. It concerns, what I believe, are inaccurate fares increases which we are advertising on stations and TFL's website.

The new fares revisions show that a Child 7 day travel card, zone 1-6 , costs £18.40 but a child Oyster caps at £1, peak or off-peak. Thus, there is no reason for any child to have a weekly, as it would only cost £7 PAYG.

It appears to me that, when these fare increases were discussed, it was not taken into consideration that children travel by bus for free, but they are still being charged part of the bus travel on their weekly.

I feel this need to be addressed, as many customers may not notice these anomalies and pay more than they should; especially if they do so online, as all of them are being asked to do.

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