Two Equalities Conferences

Here is information about RMT's forthcoming conferences for black and ethnic minority members, and for women members.

Compared with some other sections of the rail and transport industry, London Underground's stations and revenue workforce includes a relatively high number of women and is ethnically diverse. It would therefore be good if lots of members from our grades put themselves forward to be delegates.

Please also consider what issues you would like to raise - wether it be workplace issues such as sexual harassment or racist assaults, or issues in the wider world such as public services or international struggles.


RMT's national Black and Ethnic Minority Members' conference takes place on 16th/17th March 2009. London Transport Regional Council is hosting the 2009 conference, and invites branches or individual members to attend the conference and come to the planning meeting.

Planning meeting: Monday 5th January, 18:00, Bernie Grant Centre, Tottenham, London N15.

If you are interested in taking part, please ring or text Glenroy on 07956-133450.


RMT's annual Women's Conference will take place this year in Newcastle on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 March, and several women from RMT's London Transport region will be attending. Please join us!

Please note that the deadline for resolutions and delegate registration has been extended to Friday 13 February.

The conference is open to all women members: you do not have to be a rep or branch officer to attend, you just need to get your branch to agree to you being a delegate. The branch should then pay your expenses.

In his letter to activists promoting the conference, General Secretary Bob Crow says:

The Conference gives women members the chance to speak to other women in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment. A social will take place on the first evening of Conference. From past experience, I am sure this will be a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

As well as keynote speakers, the Conference gives ordinary women members the opportunity to debate the issues affecting them. If you have particular concerns about what is going on in your company or believe there are issues that the Union has failed to address, why not consider going along to your Branch to see if they will submit an appropriate motion for conference to debate. Without motions, nothing will change. Remember, this is your chance to join in.

So - go along to your branch and ask to be a delegate. You can also get your branch to submit a resolution to the conference. It can be about a workplace issue, or an issue in wider society - so long as it is particularly relevant to women, it will get on the agenda.

Attached is a poster promoting the conference - please distribute this around your workplace and put in notice cases.

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