Report: ex-Silverlink Joint Working Party, Monday 20 July

As well as the attack on Core Station Supervisor training outlined here, the following issues were also discussed at Monday's Joint Working Party about the ex-Silverlink stations:

  • Staff who failed the Station Supervisor application have been allowed to reapply - 31 of the 34 have done so. The applicants will have 'enhanced coaching'. The three parts of the application - written test, role play and interview - will have a full day each, with coaching prior to assessment.
  • However, RMT is concerned that these staff have received no development or coaching since their initial application in February, and one day's coaching may not make up for that.
  • Reps are currently being consulted about rosters.
  • Management say that the inclusion of rostered agency working in previous draft rosters was "a mistake".
  • A referral from Kew and Gunnersbury saw union reps complaining that staff were being refused overtime because agency staff are used in preference. LUL argued that they had to do this under the terms of their contract with the agency, TrainPeople. RMT has insisted on receiving a copy of this contract.
  • As part of this referral, RMT also argued that reserve posts should be created as soon as possible, so as to remove the need for the use of agency staff altogether; and that the creation of a CSA reserve should not have to wait until the issue of Supervisors is resolved. After some discussion, management agreed to create the CSA reserve without further delay.
  • In a referral from Wembley Central group, reps complained about the lack of Supervisors at Stonebridge Park. Management stated that these Supervisor posts would be filled once Supervisors were appointed for the group.
Issues At Work: