Driving Customers away from Euston Ticket Office

On 31st August, the minimum £5 Oyster top up trial came to Euston.

Local unions reps and staff were not warned. This is a new practice on the group and we should have been consulted. Your RMT rep has objected to this, but still the trial goes ahead.

Both RMT and TSSA strongly oppose this scheme.

  • It is an attack on ticket office jobs. LU openly state in their briefing that they want to reduce transactions at the window: 'Currently PAYG sales make up 38% of all ticket window sales and almost half of these, (795,000) are below £5. The average PAYG top up last period was £2.15'. This will hit ticket office staffing levels, which are based on transaction numbers, hard.
  • Euston ticket office staff work flat-out. We need more staff, not less work! Start opening all three windows throughout the day: create a job, which one of the many CSAs with a ticket office licence will happily take!
  • It is part of LU's long-term strategy to phase-out ticket office transactions. Within two years, an LU document reveals, windows will be able to sell only a few ticket types.
  • It delivers poor customer service. Machines only allow £5 or more top up for customers paying with notes or cards. Would you really want to tell somebody who has queued for twenty minutes with a Zones 2-3 travel card that they must go upstairs, buy something from a shop to get change, then queue again for the machines? We should be giving customers options, not taking them away. It will increase the abuse to SAMFs and CSAs.

RMT is advising ticket office staff not to cooperate in this trial. You do not have to collude in abolishing the necessity for your job! If someone comes to the window with £1, load it on their Oyster. It's as simple as that!

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