Ex Silverlink a model for the future??

Over a year on since the dispute and still no closer

Following last years dispute and supposed resolution over the treatment and working conditions of our comrades on the Wembley Central group we are still no closer to getting what was agreed and hardly none of what was meant to be implemented has happened.

LU management have dragged their heals over getting the correct grades of staff employed within the group and the agreement on traffic hours Supervision has stalled due to LU’s attack on the SS licensing, trying to water down the SS grade and create a new supervisor which would be paid less and have less responsibilities which would have a detrimental effect for those staff wishing to promote or transfer in the future and safety implications for train staff in emergencies.

You Union reps have been firmly opposed to any re-grading and have argued against the increase use of agency staff within the group which following the dispute LU said would have been totally done away by now.

Kevin Bootle who chairs the joint working party previously stated that as they had ‘coped’ without SS’s over the last year does LU really need them? It is clear from comments like this that LU are not abiding by the dispute resolution and if anything show utter contempt for the agreements and also highlights the possible future plans for all non section 12 stations on the combine. Your Reps believe that the working practices on the Wembley Central group could be seen as LU’s plan for the future of the Tube and it is vital that we stop this and bring to the attention of the wider membership what is going on at Wembley Central.

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