Non Filling of Vacancies

Hi to East Ham group staff -

At the present time you will no doubt be aware of uncovered vacancies at your local stations. I feel we need to look into this issue for the following reasons.

  1. No forward movement for people waiting for positions
  2. Stations being babysat by CSA's
  3. Station staff being pulled from rostered positions under the guise of "an emergency" situation which has continued for over 4 days
  4. When there are sick members of staff or annual leave there is not coverage for numerus stations due to the amount of reserves being halved on the group
  5. SRT being used to cover duties by a DSM which then left the job they were meant to be doing uncovered.
  6. Duties changed at the drop of a hat

These are but a few of the implications of lack of staffing on my group in particular but I would like input to wether this is going on combine wide..

Please feel free to contact me on either of the emails Below

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Gary Lazell
Rmt Level 1 Rep
East Ham Group

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