For the Record July edition. Rosters & wheelchairs.

During the course of a week thousands upon thousands of people pass through our stations, each with a their own concerns, aspirations and limitations, and most of the time these have absolutely nothing to do with us. This newsletter contains an article about a lady travelling London in her wheelchair and the difficulties that she and CSA's encountered at Liverpool Street.

Step free access between platforms and pavements is woefully inadequate on our aged Underground system, and though this encounter with a mobility impaired passenger led to some correspondence being sent off the responses were less that helpful and were really aimed at passing the buck in one instance and "not trying to make a thing out of it" in another.

I was unable to report back on this issue because I didn't feel there was any positive outcome. Once there is something positive to report I shall return to this story.

Another snippet in the newsletter relates to Liverpool Street roster changes - an ever burning issue.

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