Things can only get better?????

A year on and have things improved at all on the Marylebone group....a shuffle in the management and where did it lead us? The whole group was optimistic with cries of it can't get any worse surely? who were we kidding! A new GSM and what did they actually improve...nothing!

The group's morale is lower then ever. Everyone is fed up and it would appear this management have a style even Boris would have to question! It appears some managers go to training where breaches are common place and breaking safety rules goes without saying ... a very scary place is where we are heading.

The union rep's position holds no respect with these cowboys and anything that does get agreed is not upheld! The only light at the end of this dark tunnel is we are getting a new GSM. Hopefully they will be able to reverse the slump created by a total lack of staff and lack of care for the staff they have. We can only hope but watch this space - I could be eating my words sooner than I think!

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