Reinstate Mercy Odisi!

Mercy OdisiUpdate: London Underground has upheld Mercy's outrageous sacking at her appeal. Mercy's RMT branch - Finsbury Park - will discuss what action they will organise to demand her reinstatement at their meeting this Friday, 20 November.

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London Underground has sacked Green Park SAMF Mercy Odisi, accusing her of failing to account for around £400.

But Mercy wasn’t even told there was a discrepancy on her account until more than three months after it happened!

From then on, there was a catalogue of injustice in how management investigated and prosecuted this case. On 8 October, LUL sacked Mercy. Her appeal was held on 30 October; the result is due by 13 November.

Mercy Odisi is innocent. She has been fitted up, treated like a thief with no evidence to back up such allegations.

Mercy’s sacking is a clear miscarriage of justice.

There are serious flaws in LUL’s ticket office accounting procedure. When the money banked is different from what the account says it should be, private contractor the ‘Counting House’ reports it to LUL up to 4 months later. The staff member is then presumed guilty and asked to account for this. LUL admits losing around £60,000 per month from the five worst-affected station groups!

Despite protestations of a financial crisis, London Underground is being slapdash with its money - and now with staff's livelihoods too.

Staff used to count their money at the end of their shift and could often rectify any mistakes. Under the current system, staff do not do this. How can we be accountable for money we have not counted?! RMT has demanded that LUL return to a system where staff count their money.

It is not Mercy Odisi and other SAMFs who should be on trial - it is London Underground's reckless and unjust accountancy system.

"This is an absolute travesty. Mercy is being discriminated against for being an RMT rep, black and a woman. White men accused of losing more than double the amount have received only warnings."
Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser

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