Medical Restrictions

RMT raised the issue of medical restrictions on staff at the Strategy & Development Forum today. As the Stations & Revenue Health & Safety Council is due to discuss this issue at its next meeting on 12 November, we presented three key concerns that we would like to be included in that discussion:

  1. We would like to be informed when Occupational Health reviews its policy or practice on medical restrictions.
  2. Station Supervisors need to know what staff's medical restrictions are, in order to able to deploy them properly and safely, and in order to prevent inaccurate gossip spreading. This should be done via a system that respect's staff's right to privacy.
  3. If Occupational Health changes any of its medical standards, then they should contact directly all staff who currently have a restriction under that standard and invite them for a new test, as this could lead to the restriction being lifted and therefore new opportunities eg. for promotion or transfer, being available to that member of staff.

Management accepted all these points and will forward them to the Heatlh & Safety Council.

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